Feeling Alone


I’m new to this but really need to see if there is anyone out there who understands how I feel or maybe I’m just overdramatic?

I’m 31, been married for 9 years and have been TTC for 2 1/2. I have NOT been taking birth control for about 11-12 years. It seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant. I feel like it should be me since we have been the ones together the longest out of all of these people. At least on FB I can block the posts from the ones who are but now there is a girl at work who just told us that she is pregnant. She started back in December and told everyone from day one she was tying. She seems like an attention seeker as it is and I fear that she is going to carry with play by plays about her doctors appointments, cravings and what she needs to buy. (This has been all within 3 days!) She is only I guess 6-7 WEEKS.She just told us last week and it’s already making me depressed. She already has a child but this one is with a different guy so I’m sure she is excited about that and has the right to talk about it but how do I keep from getting stressed out about it? I don’t care for her as it is so I don’t want to tell her about my personal problems. She was already informed one day by a co-worker that it was a sensitive topic for me when she was saying how she was trying. The book I am reading says that I’m “Stuck” (Stressed). The Dr says we are both fine and I’ve had one unsuccessful IUI. I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I need anymore tests if I’m “Fine”. I just don’t want to be depressed for 8 months and having it hinder my ability to get pregnant. People say just to ignore her but it’s hard when she is right on the other side of my cubicle wall.


Please never give up, you have to try and look for a new future ahead! Good luck…


I am very sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. I also work in an office that sounds similar to yours and in a cubicle. I have a co worker who barely can take care of the one child she has even though she has more family childcare help then anyone I know. When she announced they were going to start trying for their second I cringed inside. I had already had 2 failed IVF cycles and like your co worker she is a major attention seeker so I knew when she announced the next month she was pregnant I was in for a very long 9 months! I finally had to nicely ask her to please not have these conversations in my area. I didn’t want to hear her complain about stretch marks or morning sickness etc. I would give anything for that problem. It took a little while but she finally got the hint and was more private about these conversations. So many people, even those who don’t know or do it intentionally can be insensitive even when knowing someone who is dealing with infertility. You may have to speak up. I wish you lots of good luck and baby dust.