Feeling alot of cramping


this cycle i was on femara(letrozole) cd 3-7 and then gonal f injection pen cd 7-13.i triggered cd 13 and unfortunately had fever for the next two days.I’m feeling alot of cramping and i always get a muscle pull kind of pain near my ovaries before my period starts so this cycle is a bust. My 2ww is over and i havnt poas . I wanted to prepare for my next cycle of injection so i called my pharmacy and they told me that they wouldnt cover my injection refills so i talked to insurance company and they didnt know what my preffered pharmacy is so they transfer me to my prescription plan which then transfers me to someones office and then that person transfers me to another person who hasnt set up their voicemail!!!:grr::grr::grr::grr: i’m sooooo frustrated im crying my eyeballs out! i just talked to my REs office and they told me that unfortunately i still have to keep on calling my insurance my company to know what my preffered pharmacy is so that i can get a discount on my medications. Infertility is sooo hard then these people make life hard for u.

I just want this nightmare to be over!!


I hear ya! Dealing with infertility is frustrating enough without adding the black hole of insurance company run around!

But hopefully you’ll get it straightened out and have some insurance coverage, lots of us don’t.

Good luck!


I know what you mean. DH has to take HCG shots. His urologist sent the prescription to our pharmacy…we were shocked when it came out to $535. So I called our prescription company to see if we needed to have the doctor send it in for preapproval…long story short I was transferred around and finally found out the it would only cost us $73 if we got it preapproved. Well…now we’re waiting for them to preapprove the meds so DH can start the injections. DH called the urologist’s office twice this week to check on the status of the preapproval and they gave him the third degree that he had called twice. So now we need to call my prescription company to see the status…I’m scared that when we call the prescription company they will say they never got the request from the urologist. Oh the run around we have to go through with IF.

Good luck!