Feeling emotional and need to vent


I am getting nervous that I am not going to respond to ovulation stimulation. We can not get a follicle to grow, no matter what we do. I go in for an ultrasound tomorrow to see if there has been any growth but my estordial levels have not been increasing, they have actually been going down, even though I am taking 150 on Gonal twice a day!

I am just venting here but, that is what this is for right? I try to talk to friends and family or even the dear hubby and no one gets it. I feel so alone. They try to be sympathetic to my raging hormones and my mood swings but they just do not understand how hard this is. I don’t recognize my body or the things I am feeling. I want to cry but just can’t seem to let it out - one minute… then two seconds later I am so annoyed and mad I could punch something. And don’t get me started on how tired I am. It is all I can do to get me out of bed let alone to work and seeing clients all day.

All these emotions and all the Dr. has to say is “no response lets increase the dose” … I am just frustrated because this is only the first step and it is already so expensive and so hard, what is the rest of it going to be like? And what if I don’t respond at all? Then what?

Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest. Guess I just need an IF friend who knows and understands what I am going through!



I totally understand about the emotions. when going through the cycles I am all over the place. Sometimes I feel hopeful and happy thinking for the best and then the next minute I am hating the whole process that WHY do we have to endure this when everyone else is normal. All I can say is hang in there as long as the doctors are trying sometime new there is hope!

You have been blessed with one little girl and you are still young !!!

I wish you all the best and we are only human venting is good we can’t keep it all inside of us.


Good news: Dr. Called and said that we FINALLY have increase in Estrodial. It probably isn’t enough yet but FINALLY some response. Keeping fingers crossed for the ultrasound tomorrow!



Nuby – Hang in there! I have literally just gone thru what you’ve gone thru! My injections were not working! At one point my estrogren dropped, I have a period for two days after being on the meds for over a week! Then all of a sudden they Sprung into action and I go in the morning for an Egg Retrieval surgery - I am doing full blown IVF – Are you doing an IUI? anyway… the point being sometimes our bodies take a little longer to cooperate! Good Luck at your ultrasound!


As of right now we are just trying to stimulate O. Because I got PG so easily with DD and DH’s SA was normal … that we won’t need to IUI or IVF but it all depends on the response to the injections. If I have way too many follicles develop then we might be forced into IVF to keep me from getting a litter. We will know more tomorrow.


Happy Dance!!! We finally have growth. That means we found the right dose. I have 2 follicles growing but they are not the right size just yet and need another 4 days. The good news is that we now know what dose I respond to. The bad news is that we are out of meds and have to order more (needing 2 weeks to ship) so it is up to my body to finish growing them on its own… might not happen. But, now we know so we can order more meds and start up again next month. I am so excited that we have FINALLY gotten a response! First milestone accomplished. Now to get me to ovulate…