Feeling Lonely in my situation ,No one understands what i'm going through


I really need some support right now,I live in Nyc ,I don’t have much family ,I had 3 m/c and I really don’t know what to do …I’m currently single right now and i really want to try again for IvF ,I’m so sad ,I cry almost every day ,I’m almost 39 and i really want to have a baby. Can you guys please go to my site ,I didn’t know what else to do…I don’t have insurance that covers the treatment .


You are in my prayers and just know that you are not alone out there :slight_smile:


Praying for you.

You are not alone there are tons of woman that go through the same struggle. Keep the faith and know that there’s a plan for all of us.


Thanks so much,I wanted to Add my site just incase any of you guys would know anyone that can help.I’m like so down right now ,Willing to try and see if anyone can help me. Funds for Infertility Treatment