Feeling so blessed


Hubby and I Have been doing infertility treatments for 6 months now. We were told that our main problem is getting me to ovulate. We have spent our entire savings (we do not have insurance) doing ovulation stimulation and have not had any luck. Last month we finally found what dose of what meds my body responds to. It will cost us $2500 a month in meds to get me to ovulate. We are at a point where we have one more months worth of money. Someone told me about Fertility Lifeline’s Compassionate Care program and so I called and got information. I gathered everything they wanted and filled out the application.

I just got the call that we have been approved for a months supply of medication for FREE!!! I am soooo excited! That gives us an extra month to try. I am praying so hard that we will have success this month or the next before we run out of money. :pray: If that isn’t the case we will have to wait and save for a while. But the free month gives us one extra shot!!! :cross: Hopefully it will work!!

I am so grateful to Fertility Lifelines for their support and help!!!


Congrats!:clap: We too were approved and received the max 3,000 units of Gonal F. I was so excited! We are prepared to start our IVF cycle in April.


That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you guys.