Feeling tiny sharp pains (near ovaries??) on day 10 after taking clomid day 3-7!


Is this normal??? I usually can tell when I ovulate but it is not this pronounced and I took an OPK today (day 10) and it said negative. I am just nervous that the clomid might make me ovulate faster or something… I just hope I dont miss it for the IUI!


I think it is normal. When I started taking clomid, I could feel all kinds of weird things going on down there! The pain is probably just the clomid doing its job, stimulating your ovaries and making more follicles than your body does on its own. I felt very heavy in my ovaries, and when I ovulated it was a bit more painful than normal (before clomid). Good luck with your IUI! :babydust:


Yes, I agree with AB123. I’ve had the same experiences - lots of pains, cramps, weird things going on there. I felt bloated and crampy for a few days leading up to ovulation, and then ovulation was more painful than usual. Good luck!


Ok thanks for the reassurance. Im just a little bit nervous leading into the first IUI. Im excited but nervous. I just really hope this works! And congrats on the BFP!