Femara/Follistim/IUI Protocol?


I have a reevaluation appointment with my RE next Wednesday because our last IUI has failed. My nurse mentioned that Femara would be next, but if I wanted injectables I should definitely speak up about it… I’d like to try Femara + TI for 1-2 rounds, but I’d also like to do 1-2 Femara/Follistim/IUIs. I don’t feel comfortable doing a straight injectables cycle because our RE is over 3 hours away (unfortunately the closest too) and that will entail much more monitoring/trips.

It’s my understanding that a Femara/Follistim cycle starts off with the CD 3 u/s, then start Femara for 5 days, then 3-5 doses of Follistim, and then around CD 10-12 come in for monitoring (u/s and b/w) then hopefully trigger and IUI 24-48 hours later. Does that sound about right? I’d like to make minimal trips, but I’ll of course do what needs to be done! Also, what should I expect the dosage of the Follistim to be?


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi there - well I can’t offer words of wisdom on follistim, but I do take Femera w/ my Bravelle injections every cycle. Once you do hit the stage of injectibles, it definitely can mean more appointments, also depends on the person. The “average” person is usually ready for IUI sometime shortly after CD12. However, if you are complicated like me…I’m on CD 25 and still going in for u/s every 2-3 days. We are getting to where we need to be to IUI, but it’s slow because I require high doses of Bravelle to stimulate. Definitely gets overwhelming, and I know what you mean about travel! My doctor is 1 1/2 hours away, and believe me, it drains on one through out each week. But although I can’t offer advice on follistim, just wanted to say good luck and think positive… wishing some :babydust: your way!![/FONT]


My femara/follistim/IUI cycle went like this.

CD3-7 - 2.5mg femara
CD7 - Saline Ultrasound (Uterus is perfect)
CD7-8 - 50IU Follistim
CD9 - U/S - 1 @ 22mm on Left / 12mm Lining / LH 5.28
CD9 - Trigger @ 930pm
CD11 - IUI @ 830am

It was my only medicated cycle to only have 1 follie, when all my others i’ve had 2-5. Im also glad i was scanned early. CD9 my follie was ready for trigger. Almost to ready. Goodluck!


With 150 mg of Clomid I would have 1-3 follicles. When I took Follisitim I had only 1 follicle. However, I was also on a really low dosage- 50 iu of Follisitim. When i combined the clomid and follisitm I had 4-5 follicles.


Thank you ladies so much! Every piece of information is super helpful! Our consult is tomorrow so I’m looking forward to what the RE also has to say! :slight_smile: