Femara + glucophage with PCOS any other suggestions?


Have any of you ladies with PCOS tried Femara + glucophage and still not had any mature follies? What did you try next? I need some direction. IVF is not an option and I’m using DS. TIA! :babydust: :bsv: To all


Hey there!

Have you discussed the introduction of injections with your RE? A combination cycle of oral meds and injections was the next step for me, but everyone is different. The bummer about injections is that they aren’t usually covered with insurance, and they can be pricey. Also, another downside to consider is the arrival of more follies with increased chance of multiplies, as well as an increased risk of ohss. Just things to consider as you look at your options.

Also, on a side note, I have had a total of 9 medicated cycles, and I have only gone through with 4 for reasons varying from no response to overstimming. Of the 4 cycles that led to IUI, only one of those cycles yielded more than one follicle, and it was a bfn.

Discuss your concerns with your RE. He/she may decide to have you try again with your current plan since it did yield a good follie. I understand how difficult it is to wait though - so frustrating!

I read about your surgery on different post - yikes! I hope you are feeling better! :slight_smile:


i have pcos. my re went straight to injectibles. i didn’t try iui’s without injectibles at all… i have done 4 iui’s and have 2 daughters. see my signature. my first iui i had 4 follicles and got 1 baby. my 4th iui i only had 1 follicle and got 1 baby.

good luck!


Thanks! Yeah I think injectibles will be our next step but it will have to wait a few months because I have a big trip end of February-beginning of march…then I’ll need to save up. We were going to try another round with the same protocol before I leave on our trip just so I’m not wasting time. But, as you said KOKO, I had emergency gall bladder surgery on Tuesday and I doubt my doc will let me proceed this cycle. So I’m sure I’ve got a long wait ahead of me. I was just wondering if anyone had tried another protocol before moving on to injectibles…they’re so expensive and I really don’t want to risk triplets or more…ugh. So much to consider. Thanks again! :babydust: &:bsv: