Hello everyone, trying to wake this forum up! I plan on doing a round of Femara this cycle. AF is either arriving today or very soon. I’ve been on prometrium 400mg the last 7 days for spotting a week before my period. I started cramping bad last night with spotting this AM. My dr said to call 1st day of cycle so she could prescribe the Femara. We plan to do this one cycle of Femara/progesterone then, if negative we plan to do ivf in June. Anybody planning on Femara or clomid this cycle?


Hi Praying in Texas,

I did Femara this cycle. Clomid never worked for me in the past according to bloodwork and I’m with a new Dr… I agree that Femara is way easier on the body than Clomid! I just got results from lots of bloodwork and an ultrasound and that all came back great with lots of follicles…so I’m just hoping that I ovulate this month and am using a home predictor kit again. We’ll see what happens. :slight_smile:

I hope all goes well for you!!! It would be nice to not have to pay the costs of IVF and have your baby sooner if it did. My prayers will be with you!