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Is anyone on FEMARA, I will be starting my 3rd IUI, along with 2.5mg of femara for 5 days. After a trigger shot and follow by progestrone. I apparently ovulate on my own, so the femara was not neccessary, the doctor said its up to me to take it. So I am, however both times I only had 1 mature follicle at 2.2 and lining at 11. Doesn’t femara suppose to create more mature follicles? I wonder if it even does anything. He won’t increase it, or won’t give me gonal f, until we do this 3 times, then have to have a review for other options. Most friends justs tarted with injections, why I am wasting my time with femara? is it even worth it. ANyone have any positive info.


I did 3 iuis with femara, each time the re had to adjust my dosage but by the third one I was producing good mature follicles. We are on a break until the beginning of the year but def. will be doing femara again


I am on Clomid not Femara, but I was also ovulating on my own. The Clomid and the Femara just help you create more follicles and better quality follicles. I don’t think you necessarily need to go straight to injections, especially if it’s just a matter of getting more eggs and sperm to meet up. But it does sound like you’re not really getting anything out of taking it, since you already ovulated on your own and you’re only getting 1 follicle. But many ladies on this board have gotten pregnant from 1 follicle - even after using injections. The meds can make the follicles better quality. I hope this is your month!! :babydust:


I had asked to have my dose increased, but they said it was not neccessary, as I ovulate. I do hear good things about femara ( also it’s not expensive here in Canada) however I was hoping for more follicles, even though I know the good old way results in 1 egg, and women get prego. I :pray: that this 3rd IUI works, if not I have a meeting set up for Nov 26, I will tell him to either increase femara or give me something to produce more follicles and at least have a better chance. My insurance was used up for drugs already, I didn’t know and used it 2 times ( all that is allowed) on cheaper fertility drugs instead of keeping it for more expensive. So if we do gonal, I will have to pay for it. My husband did start a new job, I will enroll under his benefits as well, and see what they have.

Thanks so much all the:cheer: and dust to you.


that is why I agreeded to take it, just in case. The first IUI I had a 2nd follcile catching up, but it stopped at 1.4 :frowning: I hope this month I get more. I wish there was a way of getting more naturally hehe. :cheer: :bfp: 2 u


Hey there. I am on my fourth cycle with femara 5.0mg and this month will be our 3rd iui. Inbegan taking it because inwas not ovulating. Each month I have only had one mature follicle. If this month doesn’t work out I will be moving to injectibles and hope to get more follicles that way.


All I can say about Femara everyone responds differenly to each drug. Like Clomid was suppose to make more follices. Well for me I only had one no more. When was put on 5mg Femara I would have 4 mature ones sometimes 7. Then later doctor lower my dosage due to responded so great to it an still even witih 2.5mg I had 4 follies. I did get pregnant with 2.5mg Femara. My lining with Clomid went from 8 on down. Femara my linine was 12+

See if your doctor will up your Femara he should. Femara is friendly with lining when Clomid can be mean to lining. I ovulated on my own so didn’t take a trigger shot with Femara I done OPK testing then IUI.

Good Luck.



i’m on femara, just had my iui today. this is my second cycle on femara. although it makes me extremely nauseated i did have a good mature follie this time measuring 23.7. Just remeber that it takes more than one round on femara. i also take an ovidrel trigger. :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: lots for both of us.


thanks ladies.

The femara both times gave me 1 follie at 2.2 and my lining was 11, so that is good.

I will be trying our IUI with femara again this month.

good luck to all of us



one quick question… I get my presciption from the pharmacy only 2.5mg, I wonder if they would sell me a higher dose. I asked the doctor for a higher dose, but he said no.

He said after the 3rd IUI, then I can talk to him about injections or higher doses.:grr:


I took 5mg of femara this cycle. I have one follicle that is 20 mm and a lining of 9.


I asked my RE yesterday what the difference between Femera and Clomid were. He said Femera is good for people who have a difficult time ovulating and that it will usually only produce 1 good follie (I think Sly is an exception to the rule!). He said Clomid is better for producing 2-4 good follies and that is why he uses for healthy women who ovulate regularly. He said clomid can affect your lining, but told me that it is usually not a problem in younger healthy women.

I will be using Clomid on my first IUI cycle. He did say that if I did have any issues with Clomid that he would switch me to Femera or something else.


This was my first cycle with Femara and I have seen everything positive so far:

  1. I had a 17.5 follicle and 5 smaller ones on CD 8, so I seem to have responded faster with it. I am not sure how many were mature by the time I ovulated on CD 11. I usually ovulate around CD 14.

  2. It did not dry my CM at all. In fact 4 cycles of clomid made me forget what EWCM looks like, so when it showed up this time, I was freaking out as to what it could be! :grr:

  3. Absolutely no side-effects; no hot flashes at all and no moodiness (I guess :P)! Also, it seems it gets out of the system early.

As I mentioned earlier, I took clomid for 4 cycles and it really dried me up. The hot flashes were horrible, almost throughout the cycle. So, it seems to stick around longer. Also, according to DH, it seems I was horribly out of whack… driving him up the wall! Thankfully, it didn’t affect my lining or give me cysts. Check my sig, but I think I had 1 follicle the first 2 cycles, 2 the next and 1 the last cycle.

Of course, this is how I responded to these 2 pills. Others might have totally different experiences.

All the best!


I’m on Femara 5mg days 3-7 and trigger @36 Hours post trigger. Last cycle I had to follicles that were both at 16 and on the same side on day 12.

This cycle I had 2 big follies… one on each side one at 18 and the other at 24!!

I was told by my RE that clomid usually produces more follies but the quality is not as good as it with Femara.

I also was not ovulating without Femara… So for just having 2 doses so far … I would say I’m doing pretty well :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!!


thanks ladies. I am going to the clinic on Monday ( day 3) full bladder. So will see how many follicles I have this month. Usually I got about 20 all together, howeevr only one matures lol.

My clinic doesn’t use clomid. I will be starting my femara 2.5mg on Monday ( day 3) to day 7.

I :pray: for this 3rd IUI to work.

Keep me informaed, of what everyone is doing.

big hugs to you all and :babydust:


My RE uses femara over clomid in most cases because the changes of twins are less. This was my first cycle and my doctor said I responded well. My follcile was actually a 23.6mm and I did have one.