Femera and ovidrel, first round questions


Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a great Thursday!

This is my first time joining a group. It think it’s time to ask for support outside of my family and friends. They are great but sometimes they don’t understand how frustrating this can be.
My husband (35) and I (31) have been trying to conceive since the January of 2012. We lost our baby at 6 months of pregnancy back in 2011. My cycle got crazy after the D&E. Then after several unsuccessful rounds of clomid, we are finally trying femera and ovidrel.
My doctor has done all the possible test to me and my husband and everything came out good. At this point no one knows why it is not happening. My doc is controlling my cycle now. On Tuesday, he told me after and ultrasound that I have 3 follicles measuring 11, 14 and 24mm, and I trigger that day at 9pm.
I guess what I want to know is if there has been any success with femera, ovidrel and that size of follicles? Any advice you might have for me would be appreciated.

I am hoping I finally get pregnant because even though I know everything is good on my end I still feel like this is my fault.

Any comments or stories would be much appreciated. I apologize in advance if this thread was created in the wrong spot. This is my first forum.


Same here almost

Hi Smartkittykatt,

I did my 1st IUI on the 22th with the same drugs as you so I will be thinking :bsv: for both of us.

:flower: Dana


Hi LadyDanaDragon,

It seems that it didnt work… But my doctor was really mad at me because during the most important implantation days I was sad and stress and one day I cried for 4 hours… (bad argument with a family member) so here I go again.

This time I have to follicles sizes 17 and 16 and that was on Tuesday. I will take the trigger shot tomorrow and we will see!!! Thanks for your support and good luck to you too!

Ill be thinking about you!




Hi ladies,

How did everything turn out for you?

I am on my second cycle of letrozole. I go in tomorrow for my follicle check. I was on 5mg and had my cycle day 12 follicle check last week. I had on 12mm follicle. My RE started me back on 5 days of 7.5mg (the “step-up” method since my body didn’t respond fully to just 5mg). I am super anxious because I really want this to work. I feel like if on this high of a dose I don’t produce any follicles they will move me on to injectibles (which I am not excited about).

I also am trying to reduce my stress level because I do think that plays into everything. Smartkittykat, I am sorry to hear you had a bad day right around when implantation would have occurred. I know how hard this process is.

I will be thinking about you ladies and hoping everything works out well (and soon!)!