FertilAid for Men


I purchased these for my DH a little while ago but he no longer has a need for them. Since we’ve decided to proceed with donor sperm I’d like to send them to someone that could use them. I have 2 bottles still sealed (90 capsules, 1 month supply). If anyone is interested let me know. I’m not interested in selling them. We would just like to give them to someone who could use them.



Hi Sandy,
I am new here… My husband and I have been trying to conceive naturally for the past year, but no luck. We finally went to my OBGYN and they did a SA. DH count was 3 mill. Waiting for our urology appt. Did this FertilAid work for your DH? We are so confused and feeling a little overwhelmed over all of the info we have been reading. Would be great to hear if this vitamin helped you guys. Thanks so much!



I would be interested

Hi, My husband and I have been trying for about a year and a half. In August he was diagnosed with low motility and morphology. He also has high prolactin levels and low testosterone. We have been using Fertilaid ever since he was diagnosed. The urologist did say it could take a few months to work. No luck as of yet.
I would be very interested in taking those bottles off of your hands, if they are still available. I would be happy to send you some money for them. Let me know, it would be so helpful. Thank you.

Baby Vibes,


jenkidd - I can completely understand feeling overwhelmed. We’ve been married for 11 years but didn’t start really trying until about a 2 yrs ago. When my DH went in for his first SA they only found a couple sperm. We repeated the test and they found 0 sperm the second time around. We then had a consult with our RE who said our only option would be IVF w/ TESE or to use donor sperm. At that time donor sperm was out of the question and we proceeded with the IVF w/ TESE. They were able to find sperm with the extraction and we were able to fertilize 5 eggs but unfortunately our embryos arrested and we never made it to the transfer. We finally came to the decision to proceed with IUI w/ donor sperm since we just didn’t feel comfortable trying IVF again with my DH’s poor sperm. As far as the Fertilaid goes, we had never heard about it until 3 wks before our IVF cycle so he was only on it for a short time. I’m 34 and I feel like my clock is ticking so I don’t feel like we have the time to try and wait for something to happen. That is why for us we’re moving on to the donor sperm. I don’t know your specific situation but I say it doesn’t hurt to try anything. This has definitely been very hard for us and it’s been like a roller coaster ride but all I can say is hang in there and you’re not alone! :babydust:

vwgurl29 - If you want to private message me with your address I will be more than happy to ship them to you. Like I said, I’m not looking to sell them. Anything I can do to help someone with their journey I am all for! :babydust:


Hi, you probably got rid of the vitamines by now, but incase you havent, my husband could use them. We have a 2 year old son. When he was 9 months we started ttc #2. So after not getting pregnant for over a year we went ahead and did a SA. Well to our surprise it came back 0. He did another one and it came back 2 and they were very bad looking. My husband has low testosterone so was put on androgel and now his urologist said that since he had been on the androgel for over a year, that stopped production of sperm:( his doctor that prescibed that had told us that since he had low testosterone, he would need the Androgel to get me pregnant. This is all soo frusterating to us. Well sorry for being soo long with my story. Hope you have had luck since the last time you wrote on here. Baby dust to us all.