Fertility Blend?



Would appreciate anyone’s opinion of Fertilty Blend on my situation, or anyone who has tried it.

Last time I was on here was during a failed Frozen ET last winter. That was my final straw on infertility treatments.

I’m considering taking Fertility Blend but am concerned about a few things:

  1. The Arganine causing cold sores. I have gotten cold sores since I was a kid during times of sickness and stress, but they are rare (haven’t had one in maybe 5 years), but when I do get on they are really severe. I’ve know Arganine is a main ingredient of Fertility Blend and it also encourages the herpes virus (cold sores). So…I really DONT want to get cold sores. BUT, I know Lysine is what you take to prevent cold sores. Anyone have an opinion about this? Will it help to take Lysine with the fertility blend? Or is there enough Arganine in the Fertility Blend to cause cold sores?

  2. My periods are normal. I’m 42, and until about 4 months ago they were 26-28 days apart, with heavy flow, normal number of days. The last 4 months they were coming ever 24 days, same flow though. This month it came on day 30 (just started, thought I was late and got kind of excited, but no :frowning: I would hate to screw up my cycles, but then again I"m not getting pregnant so what good are my normal cycles anyway.

  3. I had my progesterone checked in April during a normal natural cycle, and it was 15, they said it was good. So I don’t seem to be having that problem.

  4. DH has low sperm count, motility etc. He would probably take a Fertility Blend, but IDK, he really became against ME doing the fertility treatments, although he acted supportive at the time, we’ve talked since then and he said he really didn’t like it and worried it would screw up my body. So, although he definately wants another baby, I think he is just sick of the fertility treatment process in general (so am I), and has adopted an attitude of wanting to do it on our own. I am against any more conventional fertility treatments, but have read good things about Fertility Blend. He also may not be able to take the Fertility Blend due to being on medication for other things. We have alot of sex as much as possible, so that’s not an issue. We’ll be doing that whether it’s to make a baby or not :wink: Anyway, it may just be me taking it.

  5. My FSH was something like 12 last time I had it checked, which was about a year ago. If it was checked after that I dont have that record.

Basically I seem to have few problems other than my age. Nothing to fix or treat, but still it doesn’t happen. I’m also in good shape and no other health issues.

So…any opinions on Fertility Blend my situation would be appreciated. Thanks!



I’ve not taken fertility blend, but I did a little research into it. The main ingredient, chasteberry AKA vitex, is used in Germany for luteal phase defects. There was also a 2006 study that found it was useful for women with luteal phase defects, but otherwise it didn’t prove any more successful than the placebo. The other ingredients in fertility blend are just supplements without a link to fertility. I don’t know if this would be particularly useful to you since your cycles sound like they’re normal. Hope this helps.


It’s been a long time since we were TTC but my husband and I used either Fertility Blend or FertilAid, I honestly can’t remember which one. It didn’t help me but it did help his count. He also cut out all forms of caffeine which may have contributed to his count going up as well.