Fertility bracelet


Hi Ladies,

I am trying to buy a fertility bracelet. I know it’s more of a mind thing than anything but anyone has any suggestions of where I can get one online?

I know luv4rachela posted hers a few weeks back but I can’t find the link.




I’ve seen some on Amazon. I actually bought 3 of them on there. I know I googled fertility bracelets and some websites came up for them. Hope that helps.



thought i would jump on here real quick…there is link pomegranategirls.com…a woman on the ccrm link designed these. they are great!!


Yep, that’s where I got mine…from Omegagirl on the CCRM thread.



I got mine as a gift from a friend who bought it on etsy… and I got gift in August and my 4th IVF(sept) was successful, I just turned 15 weeks.

Your right I dont believe it had some magical power but it took me mentally to a different place.


I got mine from pomegranitegirls.com - LOVE IT!!! And all the profits go to infertility support / research.


Funny, I have been wanting one and came across this old post. I looked at pomegranite. Wasn’t quite wanted I was looking for. I found a nice one at InJewels | Chakra Bracelets, Inspirational + Fertility Jewelery

Hoping it brings me +++++++ even just if it’s a more positive way of thinking.


Fertility bracelets

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi Alicia. I noticed your comment on Google and thought I’d say hi and let you know about my fertility bracelets :slight_smile: I’ve had many success stories over the years (which I love soo much) :slight_smile:
I sell on Etsy, Folksy, eCrater and my own website - all with the name MutantfairyJewellery. I love making custom jewellery. Crystal healing jewellery is my speciality :slight_smile:
FairyMagicJewellery by MutantfairyJewellery on Etsy
[/FONT][CENTER][FONT=Comic Sans MS] I hope I can help :slight_smile: xxx Tania xxx[/FONT]