Fertility bracelets?


hi ladies! i am not sure if there is a better catagory to post this under…but i was wondering if anyone has one? saw a beautiful one i am going to get myself…but i’d also like to get dh one as his count is pretty low. saw a pretty cool manly looking one but it was almost $300 and i can’t afford it :frowning: anyone have any suggestions??


Yes, build a pandora style bracelet and add beads as you can afford them… I am in the process of putting together something like this for IFers… I will have it on my blog soon.


I Have Never Heard Of This Kind Of Bracelet. But What Does It Do , Does It Help You With Infertility Like The Pills Clomid And Those Other Drugs That Got Out. Just Wondering Have Been Thinking Bout This Bracelet Thing For Awhile Now. Please Someone Tell Me What This Fertility Bracelet Is All About.


hi toya. if you google you can find more info on them, i ordered mine from Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies and then typed in fertility bracelets in the search box. it’s basically a bracelete that’s made w/ stones that are “charged” - different stones have different qualities but a big one to help with i/f is moonstones. it’s supposed to promote calmness & an inviting womb. once you google you’ll be able to find what each stone represents!!




i’ve never heard of this one. what does it do? is it effective? i’ve heard of fertility herbs i saw it in Get pregnant naturally by Antonia Ruhl. but fertility bracelets? this is the first time!


Never Heard Of This Kind Of Bracelet


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How about at injewels.net? They have some great ones and I think they will custom design one for you too.


We tried rock therapy for a while, rocks are supposed to be really healing and some rocks if you wear them in jewelery are supposed to increase fertility…well it seems the more I wore them the worse I got…I have a lot of pretty jewelery though! :slight_smile:


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