Fertility Treatments KILLED our dwindling sex life


DH and I had two m/c (aug2008 & feb2009). Since then no BFP. Back when we had conceived we were BBDing all the time! After the m/c we (me) became desperate to become pregnant again and sex slowly starts to become a chore, and it’s never been the same. Now that we’ve started IUI’s DH has become lazy and I have no sex drive so we don’t BBD and rely on the IUI. And in our off cycles I don’t even want to have sex because I don’t want to stress over every symptom during the TTW.

I keep thinking that if we could just get our sex life back to as steamy as it used to be 2 1/2 yrs ago we would be able to conceive again! [B]What do you guys think? Should we just move on to IVF (as planned) and keep the pressure off eachother to BBD? Or should we suck it up and mark our calendar with scheduled BBDing dates? [/B]

(me; endometriosis, dh; “rock-star” sperm as the nurse calls it) IVF planned to occur before 2012 and couples counseling planned to start in 2011. We need all the help we can get right now. :frowning: