Fertilization Report - Do I have a chance at a 5 day transfer?


I got my fertilization report this morning for my first IVF. Of 17 eggs they retrieved, they performed ICSI on 11 (6 were immature) and of those they were able to create 8 embryos. The nurse is calling me saturday morning at 10 and will either tell me to come in to do the three day transfer or wait til monday for 5 day. Do you guys think they will make it to a 5 day transfer?

Thanks in advance.


It depends on what your clinic’s policy is. Some favor day 3 transfers and some favor day 5. The rule at my clinic is that if they have at least five very good embryos on day 3, they continue to day 5. It all depends on the quality of your eggs, which they can’t tell until they see how they develop. My first cycle, I had 10 eggs fertilize and had 5 very good embryos on day 3, and they were pretty impressed with the embryo development. If your clinic is like mine, I would say it is likely you will have a day 3 transfer.


[COLOR=“Blue”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]I have no personal experience to share, but I did read a post in a thread a while ago where someone had like 9 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized (she was devastated) and then all 3 made it to day 5![/FONT]


I agree, it depends on your clinic. Mine really favors day 5 transfers, even if you only have 1 or 2 embryos. My first IVF I had 6 eggs, 5 were ICSI’d, and 2 fertilized. We still waited to day 5 and I got a BFP with a day 5 morula. 8 embryos sounds great!!! Good luck.


Those numbers sound somewhat like mine, and I made it to the 5 day. Good luck! :babydust:


As the others have said it depends on the embryo quality. I just wanted to let you know that while you usually lose a few after day 3 it is possible for that not to happen all of mine kept growing and were either frozen that day or watched for an extra day before a decision was made. I even had an abnormal embryo they said wouldn’t even make it to day three and it made it to day six. Don’t count your babies out yet, just be optimistic and see what happens.


Sounds like to me uoyu have a good chance at a 5 day transfer but like everyone says it depends on your clinics preferences and criteria. However i wanted to point out to not be too disappointed at a day 3 transfer because i got my princess from a day 3 transfer and nothing but heartache from my blast transfers


Just found out 8 of my 14 fertilized and they are still planning a 5 day transfer for me. Good Luck!


I just wanted to echo what snowie said. My DD is from a 3 day transfer, I had 3 blast transfers that were either chemical pg or BFNs, and am now pg from a [B]2[/B] day transfer. So just because they’re transferred earlier doesn’t mean they won’t make it!