FET 5 day blast- April 2013- Any advice!


Hi everyone! I had my very last frozen embryo transfered 5 days ago :pray: Praying for a :bfp: ! I am using the Crinone gel and I have been cramping, fatigued, had back aches and head aches as well as occasional nausea since the 3rd day taking it. Anyone have those symptoms and ended up with a :bfp: ? Or is that just the norm with Crinone?? I am so hopeful this time. It is our last try before donor eggs and I am trying to be positive… It was a grade 3 (1 being best, 4 being not good at all) and I have been diagnosed with low reserve and poor quality. I know it’s a small chance but the fact that it made it to blast before the freeze and survived the thaw has to be a good sign…right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I am a considered a poor responder too and my first ivf was a 5 day blast that ended with me having a 2yr old now. The only symptoms i can remember having that time was fatique and mild nausea, I tested 10dp5dt with him and got very clear positives. And the fact that it made it past thaw shows its a strong one, Good Luck!!


Sorry no advice I know the wait is horrible just wanted to wish you tons of luck!!!