FET - AB, BB, BB Blasts


Anyone have success with an FET with AB or BB blasts?

I just found out I am positive for compound hetero MTHFR ( c677t & a1298c ). I know that that probably is not the reason for my repeated chemicals, but it is something at least.

I wonder if my husband also has an MTHFR mutation which is making our embryos homogenous on both…

anyway, our blasts were frozen at AB, BB, & BB. looking for success stories with FETs.


We did an FET on 2/14 of (1) Grade C blast. and have a BFP with an u/s scheduled for 3/12. So there you go! Throw the grade books out the window, anything can happen. This was our 6th transfer. We had 4 fails before our DD born on 1/5/12. Hopefully we’ll be giving her a baby brother or sister in Oct.


My blast was frozen at a CC and hatched when they thawed it prior to transfer. Worked for me.
Grading is very subjective but AB and BB are great grades


Thanks ladies!

anyone else?