FET advise


Hi. I had my 1st ivf cycle and on friday they told me it did not work :frowning: :bfn: . I have 5 frozen embryos and I have no idea how long to wait before i move on and do a FET? I’ve been so sad and i really dont know how soon or how long to wait? I want to go and try again ASAP but I’m afraid it wont work. Any word of advice?


I did my first IVF cycle and it didn’t work…Doctor told me to call them back when I start AF…i didn’t have to wait long…after I called them they said that in order to do FET I need let my body go through natural cycle, which means wait till I start next period and than we can do FET… My next AF was 7 days longer that time…but when AF finally came we did natural FET cycle…It was so much easier on my body…did transfer and 8dp6dt I started period…I was so upset that didn’t even go to my first beta next day…Two days later my huby made me go and do my beta, while I was on my period…it was 4 July and it was 11dp6dt…I was shocked when nurse called me and said that I was pregnant… My first beta was 480…tomorrow is my next beta and I still have no symptoms at all, but HPT still show positive…So FET after negative IVF do work…take a easy…let your body rest from all meds…and hopefully you will get the same phone call I got…They said it was normal to spot after FET…:cheer:


Thank you so much! That makes me feel a bit better. I meet with my doctor next week. Congratulations on the good news :slight_smile:


So sorry Palolix :frowning: Good luck with your FET.

Burg, how did it go? I have everything crossed for you!