FET after chemical pregnancy....how long did u have to wait


For those that did a fet after a chemical pregnancy how long did you have to wait before you started med prep for another fet? I am only 5 weeks pregnant and started bleeding today. We have a few more frozen embies so i want to try again. Thanks!


I am hoping you are just having bleeding during pregnancy and that you don’t really have to worry about it! After my loss, my RE told me I had to wait until after my next cycle (not including the bleeding associated with the loss) before prepping for the next FET. I ended up having surgery and had to postpone it even further AND took 2 months to bleed after the loss, though. I have seen that some go right into the next cycle, but a lot of RE’s wait at least a month. I hope that info helps a little, at least. If you’re impatient, like me, though, it will never be quick enough!


My Experience

Hi Sweetpea. I just had to wait until my next period to start the medications. So a month after my chemical I started Estrace 2mg twice a day and five days before my transfer I started Crinone twice a day and am still on it. I just had my transfer on the 22nd. Hope this helps.