FET after Depot Lupron Treatment for Endometriosis


Hi there Happy (early) Christmas to you all. (Please be kind–this is my very first post!)

I’m just looking to the community for any success stories and/or experience with IVF after treating your endometriosis with depot lupron. I’m just about done with my 2 month treatment and am scared outta my mind that this time won’t bring us the baby we have waited so long for.

I’ll ask my doctor when I see him next, but does anyone know how the clinic will know if my endo has been suppressed (after endometrial biopsy has revealed inflammation most likely due to endo)?

Thank you for reading. Any and all advice is appreciated (please see my history below).


Me: 33, Endometriosis Stage II, FSH (at it’s highest) = 10.7
DH: 37: Perfect with “super sperm”

October 2010: Married!
March 2011: First visit with RE
April 2011: All our initial tests come back normal (our RE said we’d be “easy” patients)
June 2011: IUI #1 = BFN
July 2011: IUI #2 = BFN
September 2011: IUI #3 = BFN
October 2011: Laproroscopy/Hysteroscopy reveals stage II endo (80% removed)
December 2011: IUI #4 = BFN
February 2012: IUI #5 = BFN
April 2012: IUI #6 = BFN

August 2012: IVF #1 (USC Fertility); 11 eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 8 fertilize with ICSI (6 embryos on ice)
September 2012: Fresh transfer with two, 3 day 8 cell “text book” embryos = BFN
October 2012: FET #1 with two 8 cell and one so-so embryos = BFP! (Chemical pregnancy: HCG #1 = 11.7, HCG #2 = 24.3, HCG #3: 23.4)

[Took a short break and bought our first home]

January 2013: Immune and genetic testing = ALL normal
March 2013: Natural FET with (our last) three 8 cell embryos = BFN

July 2013: IVF #2 with a new clinic (HRC Encino) & new protocol; 19 eggs retrieved, 16 mature, 16 fertilize with PICSI. Twelve 5 day blastocysts sent for PGD and put on ice.
August 2013: 5 normal embryos!
October 2013: Endometrial Biopsy (I wanted to make sure we did EVERYTHING before our next transfer) = abnormal
November 2013: First Depot Lupron injection
December 2013: Second Depot Lupron injection

Getting ready for a January 2014 FET…


I can’t really answer your question about how he will know if it was suppressed, but wanted to wish you luck! I did a 3 month treatment with depot lupron due to endo/adenomyosis which turned out negative. I am sure the results are more because of the low-quality of the embryo–not the endo. I have heard lots of good things about doing depot lupron before a transfer. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!


Hi there Bean4Teacher (and a HAPPY 2014)! I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your response earlier (I forgot I posted on this site and didn’t come back to check), but thank you for reading, responding and your support! When you said you had a negative result after Depot Lupron more likely due to low quality embryos, is that what your dr told you? Did you happen to do PGD on the embryos you transferred? We did it this time and although 12 embryos made it to blastocysts and were frozen, (only) 5 came back “normal”. I know not all REs agree with it though (our first one didn’t). Also, did you talk to your dr about doing a retrieval, then doing Depot Lupron treatment right before the transfer? (Truth be told, I’m not really sure what the difference would be.) Anyway–I just had my transfer on Thursday (1/16) and test this coming Friday. I’m trying my darnedest to be hopeful and positive, but after so many years and failures it’s been rough (I’m not gonna lie). Thanks so much again for responding and wishing you THE BEST of luck!


I actually don’t have the follow-up with my RE until tomorrow and we’ll see what he says about the reason for the failure. I am just assuming it was because it was a lower quality embryo. According to my RE I was supposed to have an ideal uterus for “cooking” a baby and it was a negative. We’ll see what his official thought on it is when I talk with him. I did not do PGD. My RE doesn’t feel like there is any reason for it at this point in time. I did the depot lupron to shrink the growth that was left behind after a surgery to remove a mass of adenomyosis so didn’t ever talk about doing the depot lupron in any other way around a cycle. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I definitely understand how hard it is to be positive after so many let downs. I hope I will be following your bfp with my cycle next month!! :slight_smile: