FET after FET (miscarriage)


We had our FET on 11/7 We had our first positive beta 9dpt. I had bleeding and clots on 11/28. On 11/29 there was no visible sac. But HCG levels looked good. I went back on 12/1 there was a sac visible, but hcg had dropped. So, it was definately a miscarriage. I have had some pain. No cramps. Pregnancy symptoms are all gone of course. We want to start FET again asap. I just wonder how long we should wait. If beta is 5 or lower how long after that will the bleeding start. (my lining is very thick, and dr. warned me to be prepared for a very bad period). I want this to be over. Is it ok to try again so soon? I go tomorrow for a consult with my dr. and a blood draw.