FET after Successful IVF sucsess


I have 6 frozen embryo’s left over from the fresh IVF with ICSI that resulted in my beautiful daughter. I know FET is statistically less successful then fresh but am I more likely to have a successful FET if the IVF that produced the frozen embryos was successful?


Honestly its all a crap shoot. It used to be that fresh transfers were more successful than FET but lately statistics have been showing that the gap is closing significantly. Of all my IVF friends (at least 10 that I can name off the top of my head) only 1 had success from a fresh transfer. It really has to do with the quality of the embryos- obviously I’m sure they put what looked like the best one in the first time but not necessarily. I transferred the only one available on transfer day but the next day I had 5 more to freeze and they were graded higher than what I transferred. FET are much easier on your body and you’re not coming straight off those harsh drugs you were on for retrieval. I wish you the best of luck.


My clinic actually has higher success rates with FET.I had one failed IVF attempt and got pregnant with FET the grade of my eggs actually got better.


I was in exactly the same place as you are only a few months ago. I had my DS two years ago from my first fresh Ivf. I was left with 6 frozen embryos. Unfortunately my first fet did not work, my lining was not receptive because the estrogen patches were too harsh for me, so I ended up with a chemical. But my second round we changed the protocol to make my lining better and I’m ten weeks preggo today! I honestly felt like the fet was harder on my body than the fresh was but I also did a long two month cycle with Lupron and bcps and I’ve had to stay on estrogen and progesterone about 4 weeks longer than the first time I was pregnant. But it definitely can work! Good luck!!