FET after surgery


We did an FET Nov. 7 (2 embryos). It was a BFP (betas were on the lower side), but we miscarried at 7 weeks. I went yesterday for a blood glucose tolerance test, which came back normal. I also had an HSG done. She found what looked like two polyps. She then had me do a sonogram, and she definately saw one. (She said the polyps could have caused the miscarriage or improper growth/ implantation). So, she is doing a hysteroscopy/D&C/polypectomy on January 9. Then, shortly after like the same week, we will start our next FET cycle. I have heard it is ok to start right away. I know many people have advice on this, so I was hoping to hear peoples stories positive and negative. We will be transferring two blasts!


I had the same thing done November 8th. I knew I had endometriosis so I scheduled my surgery for that. I was having some irregular bleeding so on the day of my surgery my OB decided to do a hyteroscopy as well. Turns out that I had some polyps as well that were in the posterior lower uterine segment. She said that the polyps were causing all of my abnormal bleeding but because of where they were at they could not be seen on ultrasound (I had that prior to the surgery). She did a D&C as well and now all is good.

We will be doing our FET in January. I would say that if you were told that you could cycle immediately then you will be fine.

I don’t know what your RE protocol for you is but mine is based on my natural period. I can tell you that I had a peroid a few weeks before my surgery and my surgery was on the 8th of November. I didn’t get another peroid until yesterday. So I went a while without a period. I guess it was because of the D&C.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!!!


Same thing happened to me in September. In the beginning of November I has a hysteroscopy with polyp removal and end endometrial biopsy. Then I just had my FET last Sunday. From what I was told it can actually increase your chances of implantation. Good luck!


Maybe a bit premature but these are my frist betas that have been strong, looks like the surgery and biopsy may have helped.


Congratulations!! I hope the surgery helps us just as it has done for you!!


I do too Jessica…it is a hard road and we all deserve our happy ending. I just got my 3rd beta. 16dp5dt 13786…maybe more than one? Getting nervous it helped too much:woohoo: .


I had my surgery to remove polyps on Oct 28th and transferred 2 embies on Nov 29th. I am currently pregnant with 1 baby and 7 weeks along. I believe the surgery made all the difference! Good luck!


I had my hysterscopy/d & C/Ployectomy on nov 17th last year and did my FET in jan of this year. I gave birth to my daughter in october. I believe that the surgery was a huge part of the success that we had. I hnad done a fresh cycle in august and it failed. The polyp was found by my new RE in late sept.

Good luck and I hope all goes well ( and I am so sorry for your loss)