FET and Insulin Levels?


I know this board doesn’t get much traffic but I’m hoping someone will be able to share a little bit of insight with me. :slight_smile:

I’ve just had my third embryo transfer which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. My first I got pregnant but lost at six weeks and the second was a BFN. Now upon scheduling my next FET, my RE is kind of throwing a wrench into things, saying he wants me to wait and do low carb for awhile before having another FET.

When I first started at this clinic about 10 months ago I had a BMI of 42 and of course a low carb diet was strongly recommended for me. However I didn’t comply because I had actually about two years previously given low carb eating a very good try but it just didn’t work for me. But what it [I]did [/I]do was get me to start eating healthier and I began working out on a regular basis and ended up losing about 50 pounds in those two years. Significant for me because although the weight loss has been very, very slow, it’s been two years that I’ve kept it off and continued to lose. So this is the only reason I’m resistant to going low carb - I finally, FINALLY (after a lifetime of failure) found what works for me and now they want me to change it all up.

So here’s my question - I understand what carbs and insulin levels and resistance have to do with infertility in regards to ovarian production. What I don’t understand is how all this affects someone who already has their embryos (from donor eggs no less). I’d always thought the importance of restricting carbs was so much more significant for someone wanting to make good eggs and for the ovary’s production of hormones vital to pregnancy, but which of course are provided via hormone therapy for an FET.

I appreciate any of you that got this far and would love to hear any further insight you ladies might have!