FET and nutrition...specifically green smoothies


anyone here into an unprocessed ‘clean’ diet? I don’t eat really any junk food (if I do it’s rare, like literally I allow myself something one or two times a week, if that and by that I mean something like last night where I had a cheeseburger from a bar, but I had a salad as my side)…I eat a ton of vegees (all vegees, not just the standard ones), fruits, eggs, lean protein with steak every once in a while, good fats, etc…and one thing I absolutely LOVE is green smoothies…example, I’m drinking one now that made two servings (had one yesterday) that had 2 tangelos, 2 cups spinach, 2 cups water, 1/2 banana, about 1/6 cup goji berries.
I’ve only been back to this very healthy lifestyle for about three months. Back in October, we did our fresh (failed) IVF cycle and even though I’ve always been into healthy eating - I was so stressed out I ate nothing but junk (tons of my go to junk food, fries - which I have had ONE time this entire year so far…a few weeks ago).

So anyways I just had my FET yesterday and like I said, I LOVE green smoothies…Obviously I don’t put anything in them that isn’t a real food.

I’m curious if anyone here eats like this and had a successful FET?

I should also mention - my doc is doing a much cleaner/less drug protocol for my FET…the ONLY thing I’ve done for this FET was started the estrace pills two weeks ago and last Monday I started progesterone suppositories (fresh cycle we did the PIO and I hated them, my doc is totally cool with the supps).

I obviously know that eating a healthy “clean” diet is the way to go - but I’m curious how many here did this and felt that it had a lot to do with their successful BFP?


I eat clean all the time. I eat a lot, 6 times per day, but it is all clean food, nothing prepackaged. I had a successful IVF and am doing a FET in April. I feel that eating healthy, making sure your calories are at your maintenance level and your macros (protein/carbs/fats) are in line creates a nice environment within your body. Also, I feel that trans fats and the chemicals in junk food can mess up your hormones.

I am no dietician, so these are just my opinions. Since I just started my cycle, I am upping the healthy fats in my diet. I am eating more walnuts and avocado. I do not know if this increases my chances for a successful FET, but I can control what I put in my body and I am not going to take the chance of reducing my odds of getting pregnant just for a slice of cake.

At the end of the day there is very little we can do, just take care of ourselves and put our trust in the doctor’s hands. Everything else is up to God.

I am sending :bsv: !