FET cycle 2 embryos


Hi Guys—
I just had me ET on Wednesday 9/25/2013. It was an FET cycle, 2 embryos were transferred- we had 3 but one did not survive the thawing process.
We get our results on 10/04 and I was just wondering if any of you had any suggestions with regards to increasing the chances of getting a :bfp:?
I heard somewhere about eating pineapple core is good for implantation?:woohoo:
Have any of you heard of or tried anything that you can suggest that I do during this waiting period???


Good Morning [B]Anxious_1,[/B] I too had 2 Embryos on FET put in the same week on Tuesday, 9/24/2013 around noon time CST. My Beta is not scheduled till 10/8! Oh how the wait can get to ya. How are you feeling? Any symptoms? Me, well I am not sure I am having symptoms or not or I am just imagining it. My appeptite seems actually like I am not hungry and force food down (unusual for me) & I seem to have to go to the bathroom more and some in the middle of the night strange… Otherwise not really anything else, but this could all be in my head. Good Luck to you! Are you planning on doing any HPT? I have not decided on this or not…


I did do the pineapple…ate 2 cores the day of the transfer. I bought some more this weekend but it was just for good measure.


Oops well I guess that one was wrong hahaha… thanks for the info though! :slight_smile:


HI-- Oh wishing you all good things for your test results- To be honest I don’t think that I am going to do a HPT if I can hold out- I think that I would just second guess everything and Friday is a good day to hear good news hopefully and also if it is bad news at least I will have the weekend to be miserable.
As regards symptoms to be honest I am not sure- I do relate to what you are saying about food, and also using the bathroom. My breasts are also a little tender and I have had a few twitches in my uterus although to be honest I think that we have phantom rumblings with the hope that something is happening.
I am trying to stay very level at the moment as regards my optimism as I was so disappointed last time- My RE actually that I could come in on Wed if I wanted to but that there would be a more definite answer on Friday! It s all such a rollercoaster- like if I get a BFP I am worried as it is so early- constant anxiety etc…
Did you do any acupuncture at all? I was debating it but as of yet have not…Do you think you will do a HPT?? I would love to keep in touch maybe we can get each other through this dreaded 2WW!!!


HPT, I bought some but not yet ready to try. Its my anniversary today so I didnt want to get upset if it was too early. I am 7dp6dt (FET) and I want to wait till 8 or 9 days to do an HPT. If my BETA was on Friday I would feel better about waiting, but I gotta wait all weekend so I know an HPT or 2 are in my future. I did some acupunture before but after my cancelled 1st FET I didnt get a chance to see her. I have tried to make an appt but she books up. I havent been able to see my acupuncturist after the transfer either. So I will see her next Wed after the BETA hope that is ok. I am going to continue to see her during my first trimester if all goes well.

Phantom symptoms is a good word for it. I do however felt some sharp pains when I bend over like its constricting…My dr doesnt want me to do that too much…they want me to bend with my knees, but difficult when sitting at a desk all day :(…Anyway I keep thinking I am doing all the precautions I can but somethings are just part of life. I am definitely feeling cramps time to time in the belly but it odd times and not sure whats going on, but definitely some activity. I think these embies are so small in mm how can those really cause so much activity…amazing to me.
Only a couple more days for you before BETA I am so praying for good results for the both of us. We have some hurdles to go but we take one at a time. :slight_smile:


Oh boy today I am feeling some activity in the belly, uterus…is this normal for it to continue and come and go?


OMG Happy Anniversary!!! I hope that you have a fantastic day today!!! Treat and pamper yourself!
I know that my RE stated that I could come in tomorrow for a test but that Fri would be better as it would be more conclusive so I think I will just wait-- wish I was on star trek right now that they could beam me up…
Its surprising that you had your transfer before me and are having your test after me hmmmm where are you receiving treatment??
I am trying to take it easy also and my DH is being very good, cooking, cleaning, dog walking etc:) he has me wrapped in cotton wool at the moment…
Fingers crossed for both of us!!!


Thanks! Having a great day! Unfortunately, I had to go back to work so laid up for 72 hours and then not bery mobile most of the weekend. I am not doing anything, but working (sitting all day at computer), a little driving, and go home and veg. Our dogs well he loves on me a little but I am trying to not do too much. No baths, no hot showers, no coffee…I feel like I might be going crazy…LOL!
I am in Houston in the medical center having treatment at HFI (Houston Fertility Institute). They are waiting the fully 14 days. So that would be 10/8…I think earlier like 10days would be good thats what I am seeing alot on this site…here, but nope. So HPT soon…:slight_smile: I have been praying ALOT! Keep focused and positive…I will pray and fingers crossed. Alright headed home…have a GREAT evening!


I hope you are doing well and BETA can’t get here fast enough I know. Tomorrow right! I did an HPT this morning 9dp6t FET and it was negative. It is hard to swallow and can’t be sure but I dont think it should be too soon. I hope you have Magic dust with a Awesome Beta!


I am so sorry to hear that-- Hopefully that test is wrong!! How are you feeling?? Can you call your RE and see if you can do an early test???
I’m doing ok just trying to stay very level and not get too excited or anxious… uggg