FET in April


Any one else having an FET in April ?? I had a failed IVF… and now only one embryo left… any tips ???



Hi RedRose!

So sorry to hear about the IVF–
I think you’ll find FET easier in some ways, harder in others…
You actually have quite a few of us here going to have frozen transfers in April and May. :welcome:
And I feel I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of supportive buddies!

Here’s an April Group:

Here’s May:

Sending:bsv: and :babydust: your way…


Hi adoette,

Thank you for your support… i am soo soo freaked out…

will be in touch…

:bsv: ure way…


Hi there,
There seem to be to two threads for IVF in April bu I want to be sure I am connected so I am checking in here also.
Hi guys! I am waiting for AF to start a FET in April. Looking forward to meeting all you guys.