FET in November 2013


Hello. Just got my protocol and I’m scheduled for a FET on November 5. I was originally scheduled for October 31, but asked it to be delayed so I can go trick-or-treating with my son. Had it been on the original date (10/31) it would have been on the same day of my ET two years ago when we conceived our son! What are the chances! So if this works… they’ll likely have birthdays within one week of each other.

Hope to get to know all the ladies cycling with me :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone!


Im probably going to be in November as well. I have been hanging in the October section but most likely it will be November. I see that you have endo. Have you had surgery to remove it? The main reason I ask is because I am on the same basic schedule as you. My first IVF worked (2/11) and I had my son 11/11/11. Then two years later I went back for my first FET, which worked but then I lost the baby. My doctor (regular gyn) suggested that it was possible the endo was back based on my symptoms and has suggested doing another lap. I was just curious how you felt about it since you have endo as well. They say that endo can harm the fetus because your immune system is going crazy trying to get rid of the endo. Oh and 11/5 is my bday! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=knpoduch;n2609133] I see that you have endo. Have you had surgery to remove it? … They say that endo can harm the fetus because your immune system is going crazy trying to get rid of the endo. [/QUOTE]

Hi [B]knpoduch, [/B]I have never heard of endo causing harm to the fetus. I have friends who had severe endo and had healthy babies, including myself.

Yes, I’ve had 2 laparoscopies in my journey. I had my first one around 2009, then went on 6 months of Lupron, then another lap 1 1/2 years after my first one. Both times they were stage 3. My endo is really invasive and is quite bad. In just 1 1/2 years it was already back in full force. Lupron was a waste of money and was horrible. Highly recommend against it. I also experience a lot of pain during periods and during intercourse. It is miserable.

I conceived my son within 4 months after my last lap. I then breastfed for 12 months which kept my period away. I’ve had 2 pp periods. So the plan is to conceive our next child as soon as possible before my endo ravages through my body again. I think after I have a second child, I will likely need a hysterectomy. I can’t wait to get some relief.

Good luck to you !


Yeah see thats the same thing that happened to me… 6 months after my first lap I was pregnant through IVF. I breastfed with my son (was only able to pump though) for 8 months until my supply dried up. BUT my period was going on that whole time. As soon as my post birth bleeding stopped, 28 days later I had my first pp period. Grrrr. So that whole time, it was relatively painless… for about 15-16 months. Then the last 6 months have been AWFUL. Worst periods of my life. So thats why we think the endo has come back. The idea that the endo can cause your body to attack the fetus is very controversial. But it only makes sense if you understand the immune system. I am not an immunologist… I am a molecular biologist. But I do have a little bit of knowledge on the subject. Your immune system is not very well understood and reproductive immunology is even less so. I just wonder though… a fetus is a foreign invader. Your body is already on full alert… attacking what it sees as a threat (the endo). The immune system is already stationed in the vicinity. Its not a huge leap to imagine that your immune system would attack the fetus. Anyway, I dont think thats a problem for you since you are keeping the endo at bay with the breastfeeding and now only having had two periods. Your endo is probably still under control at this point. It sucks that we cant tell without surgery!


Im meeting with RE to double check that he will be ok with me doing another lap. Then I assume I will have to wait a cycle, because my lap would be at the end of this current cycle at the earliest. So that brings me to approximately November 19th for transfer!


knpoduch - If you have a lap, I really doubt you’ll have your transfer in November. I’m not sure about your calculations since an FET cycle is about 2 months long. I’m already on BCP gearing up for it. I start my injectables on 10/14. They’re gonna make you wait a full cycle before starting BCP, so I don’t think you’ll cycle till the end of December or early January, which totally sucks.
I’m sorry you’re having to go through all of this… I know what it is like. Before we had our son we had been TTC for 8 years! Hang in there. It’ll be worth the wait.


No mine is only one month. We do estrogen patches starting on CD1, changing every two days… increasing up to 4 patches. Then on CD 13 they do a lining check. If good… you start progesterone shots that evening. Then the transfer is CD 18.

I am currently on CD17 of this cycle. My expected CD1 is October 6th. I am hoping to do the lap before that. My doc does surgeries on Thursdays, so hopefully Oct 3rd. Then I would have a full cycle and my next CD1 would be November 2nd. Making my transfer somewhere between 11-18 and 11-20. :slight_smile:


I should be a mid-November transfer. I have 2 frozen embies and as long as they both thaw we will be tranferring both! During my first FET I used vaginal estroge pills but this time we are using th patches. With the pills my transfer was on CD34, are the patches a shorter protocol?


Welcome! I’m not sure about the length since i haven’t done vaginal inserts. But I’m actually switching to the inserts this cycle.


So it looks like I’m a November transfer! Crossing my fingers! I had my appt with the RE and we discussed a lot of things. We agreed to go ahead and do the laproscopy to remove endometriosis. As long as we can get it done this Thursday… Should know on Monday. But it looks good. Then my period should start about 6 days later. That will be cycle day 1. We decided to switch to a two month cycle in order to increase my lining receptivity. So I can start BCPs on CD1, Lupron on CD21. Then I will be doing estrogen suppositories and progesterone suppositories rather than patches and injections. I hope that it works! Should have a transfer between 11/18-11/20.


I did start with the October FET forum…turns out my FET will be November 13… I.am on my third week of BC now which is driving me crazy…have severe side effects…cant wait to add the Lupron:-)…knpoduch, good luck with the procedure!! Keep us posted how it goes…


Hi, Welcome! My heart just broke for you when I went through your history. Oh, I so hope you are successful this cycle. I know what a long journey is like, and Lord knows it hasn’t been an easy one, but cannot begin to imagine all you went through. I’ll keep you in my prayers and really cheer for you! Good luck!


Interesting you should mention side effects. I’m also on my third week of BC and it hasn’t been easy. Since I started I’ve had many headaches. Last week I had a migraine that lasted 3 days! One of the nights it was so bad I threw up 3 times… just dry-heaving. It was awful. The other night I had to take a percoset; that was the only thing that helped. So I put in a call to my RE to ask for a different set of pills, but before I could get the prescription filled, I felt better… so I haven’t switched. If I get another bad headache I’m definitely switching.
I’ve taken Lupron before (6 months for endo) and it wasn’t too bad. I know a lot of people have bad reactions to it, but it wasn’t too bad for me.
Good luck to you!


Lets get our list started!

Singingirl96 - 11/5
SDTara - 11/13
Erayburn - ~11/15
Knpoduch - ~11/19


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