FET January 2011


Anyone else doing an FET in January?

My transfer date is January 17th and I start my second month of birth control pills tomorrow with Lupron starting in December.

We did an IVF in June of 2008 and had a little boy, Eli in February, 2009. We have 4 frozen blastocysts and will be implanting one that went to blastocyst stage on Day 5. I am hoping this will work. We decided against putting in two because I had a bit of a rough pregnancy with my son and I really don’t think I am physically up for being pregnant with twins. I would rather not be on bedrest and I know that pretty much comes with the territory when you are preggo with twins.

Ok, so that is my story, hope there are a few more people with FETs in January? I am sure this will be easier than IVF, at least I really hope so!


I will be having my first FET in January. I don’t know the date yet, depends on when AF arrives. RE said it would either be the 20th or 27th. I don’t start BCP until Dec. I didn’t have a hard time with IVF, but I am hoping maybe I am a little more relaxed with FET since there aren’t as many meds. We have 3 frozen embabies and I will transfer all if they make it through the thawing process.


Hi Kristin! Glad to have some company. I hope this will be a successful cycle for you!

It sounds like FETs are a lot more relaxed. I am very happy that there will not be an issue with hyperstimulation, that was not fun. And I don’t think the shots will bother me as much this time.
I have a friend doing an FET about the same time as me and she will be using very few meds and no birth control. I have not had a regular cycle at all, well since we started trying, so I think that is why I have 2 months of bcp, to make sure I have had a couple cycles before we get started.


I am with you. I am having surgery wed to remove polyps and then will get my dates the week after. I assume my transfer will be the 3rd week of Jan. I have been on BCP for a month now -

this will be my 4th cycle…and hopefully the one that works…

nice to meet you ladies


Tracy~Good luck on your surgery tomorrow! How many embabies are you putting in for FET? I pray this is the one that works for all of us!


Thank you Terrace…I can’t wait for it to be over :slight_smile:

I hope to put back in 3 embies providing they all thaw. The old RE froze them 3 to a straw so I didn’t have much choice. At this point, new RE is okay with being this aggressive. I am hoping against all hope that the polyps were the reason the last cycle (which was donor egg) failed…my donor was a superstar and I hate to hinhk my frozen embies are anything less then superstars in training…

I pray for us all too…my last cycle all 4 girls who did DE with me (the chicks I chatted with on the DE board) all got pregnant…I was the only one who didn’t…hopefully it will be us all this time.


Hi duffy,

Glad you will be joining us too! I hope your surgery went well today!

And :cross: :cross: that this cycle will work for you!


duffy~how did surgery go? How are you doing?


Am I cheating if I join in here too?

Hi Girls,
I’m posting on a December 2010 FET thread too but my transfer isn’t until December 29th and all the other girls have theirs around the middle of the month or before.

I can’t stand the thought of being alone during the dreaded 2ww so I thought maybe I could hang out and post my results here.

I’m caught up on everyone’s stories so far and wish us all the best of luck! :cross: :pray:



Hi girls!
I think that our ET also will be in January 2011 :cross: This Friday will visit our doc and will see our next step. At now I can not say exactly date of ET yet.

I am so happy and I hope that our snow babies are OK:babydust: :cross: :cross: :cross:


welcome to the new ladies…of course the more the merrier…

Terrace-thanks for checking up on me…surgery went well and I will have a plan of action wed when I go back. I transfer the frozen embies on nov 30th to the new RE…hopefully I will get my start dates for the meds wed.


:welcome: Liz and Laime!!!

Laime~Let us know what you learn at your appt. Friday.

Liz~December 29th will be here before you know it!

Duffy~Glad to hear your surgery went good. Let us know what good news you get Wednesday.

Sprink~Do you have 2 full months of BCP?

AFM~I ordered my meds last week so now I wait for AF to find out when the ET will be!


May I join you ladies too? =-)

I haven’t posted on this site since going through our 2nd IVF - to which was a success - finally!! After a scary high risk pregnancy, our lil miracle finally came, weighing a mere 4 pounds! She’s now almost 8 months old.

Now, I have an appt at my fertility clinic on Thursday for blood work, a SHG and an endometrial biopsy and then our transfer should be in January, if all goes well. crossing fingers

TERRIFIED about the biopsy - as the last one I did was brutally painful - my DH had to lay on top of me to hold me down and keep me from moving. OUCH. BUT, there is research thats saying that doing an endometrial biopsy is showing a higher success for a following IVF/FET/Implanation so I guess I’ll just suck it up n do it. Ahhh who am I kidding, I’m not gonna suck it up - I went to the Dr last week and got some kick *** meds for it this time. Something to calm me down (as I’m gonna be freaking out) a STRONG anti-inflamatory and T3’s… call me a wimp, I don’t care - that sh!t hurt last time hehehe I’ve been through enough pain in this TTC process, I’ll gladly take any meds I can get my hands on to lessen anymore pain =-) Heck, I’d have preferred an epidural or a morphine drip,… but I didn’t think the Dr would go for that hahaha

I dont have to do many meds… I’ll just be starting estrace on cycle day 2… then an U/S 2 weeks later… then Intralipids, then progesterone and a transfer 5 days later…

Willingly walking into fertility treatments again, scares the be-jeezus out of me… but hey… here we go again!



welcome Bella…

I agree about the biopsy. It is nice to know that everything is all nice and healthy for implantation. I just had one done during my surgery and all is well.

I spoke with my re today and he is unsure if he is putting me on lupron. I have never had a non lupron cycle…

Hopefully the biopsy won’t be to painful for you and you can have that sibling for your daughter


Hi ladies,
Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I have to agree surgery is scary but when we’re putting so much into these treatments it’s kind of nice to know that you’re putting those little embryos into the best environment possible!!
AFM- I got my meds in the mail last week. I start Lupron injections on Sunday. Can’t wait to get the ball rolling!!
Have a great Thanksgiving, girls! I hope we’ll all be getting the Christmas present we’re dreaming of!


Mornin girls…

Well, I had my appointment with my RE yesterday - man was I nervous - both for the biopsy and just for the fact of walking back into his office again. I knew we’d be going back when we walked out last time, but… I dont know… maybe I was hoping that we’d end up being one of the lucky ones and getting pregnant naturally after IVF!? hehehe A girl can dream…

Anyway, while my Dr was ‘there’ he did a pap as well as I was coming due anyways <-- Good to get it all over n done with in one session =-) The SHG didn’t hurt - just a cramp and the biopsy, didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did last time - thank you T3’s hehehe

I was hoping to call in my CD1 in December, but my clinic is going to be closed from Dec 21st - Jan 4th - which is a bummer, as I’d need an U/S right around Jan 1st… sooo close to squeezing in. Soooo I’m to call in CD1 in January and away we’ll go. So, around the 11th-13th of Jan, I’ll be starting the process to make Journi a sibling - so exciting, yet terrifying. Hmmmm, maybe I should be on the Feb FET thread, as my transfer wont be til the very end of Jan… then 12 days later I’ll find out if it worked or not… hmmmm - pooper, Feb seems further away LOL <-- I’m one of those girls who when I want something done - I want it yesterday! =-) Oh well, not much I can do bout that…

When are you guys planning on transferring - and how many do you want to transfer? I’m actually hoping to transfer 3 as I’m 35 (Officially AMA - boo hehe) and also cuz FET have a lower success rate. For our IVF that worked, we transferred 2 - both stuck, but we lost one right away - we never even saw a heartbeat - was still very sad though.

Happy Friday to all!! :cheer:


Hi girls :grouphug:
So our doc visit yesterday went well. Next visit in 14 december when we will talk about next step. In this time doc want to long protocol with Diphereline injection ( I am not from US and thats why some meds could be different). But definitely our ET will be in January 2011 :dance: :clap:

[I]Bella16[/I] we are hoping that babies will survive ice age and will transfer two of them.

And I hope that all we will see new 2012 year with our little mirracles on hand :babydust:


Bella16- So glad to hear your biopsy went well and not nearly as painful as the first! Another step to mark off the calendar until your transfer day.

AFM- I started Lupron injections this morning. So I hope everything gets suppressed nicely. I have a hysteroscopy scheuled for Friday. Looking forward to getting this show on the road!!


Bella-Glad that everything went well. I say you stick around and hang out with us until the end …why jump ship now :slight_smile:

Laime-yeah for a good visit. I love how fast time is moving now

ripley…ahh lupron. I am still baffled as to why the dr is not putting me on lupron…hope the injections are quick and painless


Hi Ladies!

Sorry, I have been absent for a while! We went visiting family and friends for the week of Thanksgiving so I have been off the computer for a while. Glad to see our little January group is getting bigger! Happy to be sharing this journey with you all!

I am almost done with my second month of bcp (I haven’t had regular periods since my son was born, so I think they want to make sure I am regulated) - last real one tonight then waiting for af! I still haven’t received my packet from the dr yet with med orders etc - argh, they were supposed to send it before thanksgiving! I guess I need to call again, I am supposed to start lupron soon!

Bella - glad your appointment and surgery went well! We’ll be transferring one on the 17th.

Have a good week all!