FET Question


We are scheduled for our FET on January 10th. Right now I’m on estrace and Lupron. I’ll start the progesterone next week. My question is, would it be ok to have a few drinks on New Years eve? Not a lot, just one or two. I would ask my Dr but they are closed for the holidays. Any input?


If its a full 10 days before the FET, I would think it’ll be fine because the alcohol would be way out of your system. However, you’ll want to read the labels on your meds to be sure you don’t have any adverse reaction with the alcohol mixing with the estrace or lupron that could make you ill.


Babies, thank you for your reply and congrats on your triplets! How exciting! I checked and my estrace says to limit alcohol but not avoid it, so I think I’ll just have one drink to ring in the new year with hubby while we are out of town. I hope you have a blessed pregnancy!


Just wanted to pipe in that if you had a drink or two before an FET, I wouldn’t get stressed. I had drinks before my FET whereas I didn’t drink at all during the prep time for my IVF, and in both cases, I had successes. I think for FET, there is less worry about restrictions prior to transfer as they aren’t trying to produce high quality eggs and you aren’t doing super heavy duty meds. Good luck!!! I think the FET was way more easy and somewhat less stressful (at least before I went through some topsy turvy betas after) than IVF!