FET tomorrow after recent miscarriage


I am scheduled for FET tomorrow morning. We experienced a miscarriage at 10 weeks in August after ivf. I’m really excited but also getting very nervous! I’m scared our embies won’t survive the thaw, scared that the transfer won’t work, and scared that if it does work, that we will go through another mc! Is it normal to have all these worries? I’m really trying to stay positive, but can’t seem to keep the nagging worries from creeping in! Anyone out there have any experiences or thoughts they can share? I would surely appreciate it…DH is very into staying positive, so I feel bad sharing these worries with him.


Wanted to wish you the best for your transfer tomorrow! Also wanted you to know you are definitely not alone in your thinking. Miscarriages are incrediby painful, so then to have one after ivf not only increases your fears of it happening again, but also intensifies the fears of not getting pregnant again. We just met with our RE today and will be looking at a Feb. FET, and my fears are the same as yours. Someone once told me that when fear knocked on the door, faith answered. Good luck!