FET transfer was MONDAY!


I am super nervous and excited at the same time. Just dont want to experience what I did last time. What a roller coaster… DH and I are ready, and prepared for whatever may come our way… kinda… HA!
We transferred two great embryos, they assured me that they were awesome, I will just have to take their word for that! I have no clue… Please, if you have time say a little prayer for us… Beta on MAY 1ST!!!

Hope you ladies are doing well!:pray: :bsv:


:pray: for your lil bean to stick and a happy healthy 9 month pregnancy…:cross:


Prayers for a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby(s), and strength through whatever comes your way. :bsv:


thanks bunches! i need all the prayers i can get! :):pray:


:pray: this is your miracle!!!


4 days past…cramping a bit?

ladies, i need to hear from you all. i have had some light cramping off and on mostly today. seems like a little yesterday too. im sure im just worriying myself senseless…but can anyone shed some like on this?

today was first day back to work since the transfer, my heart rate said above 120 at rest, and blood pressure was high for me. i think im worrying too much… psyching myself out1 help, any advice?


On 5day & 6day post I had AF like cramping with bleeding. I called RE due to the bleeding and he had me come in…checked me out everything was fine…and said it was more likely implantation…and for me it was. Just hang in there try and relax and May 1 will be here soon…


thank you for the encouragement… all seems fine today. just really praying this is my turn!!


POAS-this morning

GULITY!!! I broke down and tested!!! IT WAS POSITIVE! I go tomorrow for my BETA… :):cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
so far so good!!!


Congrats!!! That is awesome. Good luck and let us know about beta :clap:


Congrats!!! That is awesome. Good luck and let us know about beta :clap:



248!!! Im :preg: :preg: :preg: :preg: YAY!!!




just a follow up, miscarried my twins :frowning: thanks to you all for cheering me on. just got the results today I have MTHFR, and will be trying again in july… thanks all.


So sorry :frowning: