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Hello Ladies,

I have graciously read so many posts and stories over the past 6 months and now have joined for moral support. I have 3 children from a previous marriage. All conceived naturally. I had my tubes tied after #3, as per my x husbands wishes. I would have liked to had 5 babies, but if he was mentally done I figured that itd be best to compromise and get my tubes tied. So I did. 2 years later he left us. got remarried and started a new family. I have also recently (July 2012) have gotten remarried to a man never married no children of his own. He adores my boys but like anyone would like a child of his own. We sought out a fertility clinic. They did the normal testing, blood work and gave us the green light for low stim treatment as our only issue was my tubes…8 months and 3 failed treatments later we are onto a more aggressive approach…things arent happening as planned. We for the first time had 2 embies to store that are patiently awaiting transfer when this mommy is ready. We would love to hear FET vs. Fresh success stories and suggestions… Also does anyone have any suggestions on where we can post unused/unopened Fertility Meds with Exp 6/2014 We have about $5,000 worth and sellling for $2500. So any help on any of these matters would be great. I am scared my embies wont make it out of thawing, thoughts and experiences?
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Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Our stories are similar as I had my tubes tied after having DD with my ex-husband.

I am sorry you haven’t had the easiest go of it. We haven’t either as we’ve been trying for 5 years now.

Since we have similar stories I offer this advice;

Have you had an HSG done to rule out any hydrosalpinx? Sometimes after having your tubes tied for whatever reason you might have scar tissue and have fluid causing implantation failures.

As for Fresh vs frozen. With my old RE we were never successful with frozen but he still used the old method of freezing. My new RE uses vitrification the fast freezing method and he rarely even does fresh transfers anymore as his success rates with thawing embryos is like 98%. I would ask the center how they were frozen. If your RE’s office uses vitrification methods I would not worry at all on them thawing beautifully. Success rates in FET’s have gone dramatically up with the use of vitrifcation.

As for meds- it is forbidden to sell any type of meds or mention it on this website or you will be banned. This includes private messages through this website. I would probably edit your paragraph and remove that. As this is your first post you might not have known.

Best of luck- Rach


My doctor told me that there is a 15% increase in your odds of becoming pregnant using FET because your ovaries and uterus have calmed down. We Are doing FET in December 2013… So excited!