FET with a cold


So my sFET is scheduled for this Saturday the 7th and I’ve been battling a cold; I’ve been congested since Sunday & a sore throat started last night. Besides that I’m fine, no fever or anything. I talked to my RE and he said that I can only take tylenol or advil, no mucinex or anything and if I’m still not feeling well by Saturday that we may have to reschedule my transfer, especially if I have a fever. (which I don’t) He said that my body could attack the embryo because my immune system is down. Thankfully it’s Wednesday and I have 2 full days to feel better but I’m in tears because I’m so afraid that I won’t feel better by then.

Have you ever heard of anyone who transfered when they had a cold and it was successful? If you were me what would you do?


I immediately got a cold during the midst of my first IVF, it was miserable for same reasons you cited (only tylenol and no mucinex or anything). Thankfully I never ran a fever or had infection to cancel anything, but it was tough to be so sick and in the 2ww worrying that it was impacting success. It didn’t. I’m sure it depends on type of cold and if you have a weakened immune system, but just be sure to keep RE apprised of all of your symptoms so they can make best decision on proceeding with transfers. FETs are a lot easier to reschedule and in general your body is a lot more normal since you aren’t on as many meds so even a cold shouldn’t be a major factor. Hang in there and lots of luck when you do transfer!


I got a cold starting the day of my FET. But I had no fever, so the Dr said go for it. It was a miserable couple of days after that, but I’m currently 10.5 weeks PG.