FET with hatching or hatched blasts


I am hoping someone can help with this. We just finished our IVF cycle a couple of weeks ago. We ended up with 2 hatching blasts and 1 that had completely hatched, on day 6. We had to do PGS b/c of some previous losses and ended up with all 3 of them being normal. So now I have 3 little frosties that we will FET in April.

I am a little concerned that they were hatching or totally hatched before freeze. Will this hurt them in any way? My nurse said no but it just doesn’t make sense to me and I would love anyone that has experience or similiar situations. This was a really rough cycle and we are thrilled with the fact that we have 3 normal embryos to transfer but the worry never stops and I just am unsure about them being out of their little protective shells.



I did PGD on my embryos and ended up with 8 normals. They were all either hatching or completely hatched when frozen. I just did an FET with one hatching and one completely hatched. Glad to say I just got my BFP! So you have nothing to worry about!


Thank you so much! You give me hope.


You are welcome!