FET with toddler


hey all - So i am in my 2ww after my 2nd FET. I concieved my daughter on my 1st FET 2 yrs ago. Anyways, i did 2 days of bedrest and not lifting her, but my mom went home today and i’ve done my best to not lift her, but it’s just not that easy… Anyways, i know that there are a ton of people who get pregnant with toddlers and lifting and such and don’t even know it… but looking for reasurance…
any success stories of someone doing a FET while taking care of a toddler…


I didn’t have a toddler but I did have 9 horses to feed and was lifting 50lb bales of hay and bags of feed. You should be fine, especially this early on when there isn’t even a placenta yet. The bigger factor to healthy pregnancy is reducing stress, and a screaming toddler that needs to be held is definitely a stressor.


I didn’t get pregnant with a FET either, but did get pregnant with my third son while my second son was only 1 yr approx. We tried for them too and got pregnant using BBT’s, but yeah I carried my 1yr old everywhere my entire pregnancy and it didn’t harm anything.

Totally understand your concern though. With my current pregnancy I didn’t lift anything over 10lbs and still don’t. Of course this one cost us ALOT more since it took IVF w/ICSI instead of just BBT charting, but I am much older too so figured I probably needed to take it easier than when I was younger. I am 38 this time whereas I was 25 with my third son.

I say do what you can that doesn’t feel like too much. If you feel strained or something then just try not to hold her as much or try distracting her with some other activity so she doesn’t notice you are avoiding holding her. Might be easier said than done, but just do the best you can. I am sure it will all be fine.

Wishing you a BFP!! :babydust: :babydust:


I have a 3 year old, and I didn’t lift him until I was around 7 weeks. I would carry him, and hold him, but it was the actual lifting off of the ground that I was told not to do. I would just tell him to hop on the couch and I would grab him from there, or he would walk up one or two stairs and that was easier for me because I wasn’t bending down and straining my abdominal muscles, I was using just my arms. When I had to put him in the carseat, I would make sure to squat all the way down to only use my legs and arms, not my abs- not sure if all of that was necessary, but it made me feel better, and so far so good!


Oh, good luck by the way, I am hoping that you get a positive beta :slight_smile:


I had a 35lb toddler, when I did my IVF with DS. I tried not to lift him as much as possible, but there were times when it couldn’t be avoided. Like you said, there are millions of women who get pregnant the old fashioned way and are lifting toddlers and other heavy things without even knowing. When I worried, a poster on another thread reminded me that at this point, the embryo is basically like a sesame seed in honey. It’s very hard to dislodge the little one.

Best if luck & :bsv: !


I did my FET when my daughter was about 16 months… after the 2 days of bedrest, I went back to business as normal!! Lifted her whenever needed, etc. I am now 33 weeks preggo with twins! As you said, “normal” people get preggo without even thinking about it and lift their older kids all the time! I know its hard not to stress about it, but I really don’t think its going to affect anything. I’m still lifting my daughter all the time and she’ll be 2 next month… although its getting pretty tough at this point as both my twins are over 4 lbs!! :slight_smile:

good luck and :bsv: !!! Hope your FET works out!!


Against my RE’s recommendations (she says 48 hours bedrest) I only did bedrest and lifting restrictions for 1 day. I had/have a 30 lb toddler and I had to lift her, there was just no getting around it.