Fighting amongst siblings


Our twin boys are almost 16 months & little did I know how much they would FIGHT !!! I guess Im not sure how to handle it. DH thinks we should let them figure it out and fight it out. I feel we should interviene somewhat. How much is to much … Any tips ???


I didn’t have twins but my kids were really close in age. They are now 19, 18, 16, 15, and a 19 month old.
I think you have to intervene. At this age they have no idea how to resolve their issues. They have trouble communicating their needs and they only way they will learn is by you showing them.
They can really hurt each other at this age. One of my kids hit another one over the head with a dog bone and required stitches.
What worked for me was getting down there and trying to figure out what was frustrating them. If it was a toy we would practice taking turns. Everyone would get 1 minute with the toy. I would use the same rule as time out 1 minute per age because even a minute seems like an eternity to a child.
I would stop all hitting and tell them hitting isn’t allowed and let them know you understand that they are angry. Try to give them the words to express themselves.
When they are a little older letting them work things out on their own isn’t a bad thing. It teaches them how to do it with others at daycare, school, or church. I just think right now they need to learn how to do that from you and DH.