Final Round


My husband and I have just started what will most likely be our last IVF cycle. We started our journey in 2007 and have been through a total if 7 cycles (not including this one). After an amazing BFP in 2009 that resulted in a wonderful pregnancy and the most awesome child anyone could ever ask for, a BFP in January 2013 that resulted in a miscarriage, and countless BFNs, I think cycle #8 will be it. As much as I am filled with excitement and anticipation about this cycle because just maybe it will be a lucky cycle but I am equally nervous. Anyone else in a similar position? Anyone just finish the “final” cycle? I think all of the cycles after my successful BFP have been the hardest because I want this more for my little one than I want it for myself!


I did my ‘final’ cycle in January. It was my 4th chemical in a row. Fortunately (or not??) I have 3 frosties from that cycle. After we use those, we are done I think. I am ready to move on…


I did my final cycle in May (I just turned 45, so it wasn’t final by choice but rather by circumstance). I was hoping for some frosties in case it didn’t work, but didn’t get them. Luckily, I did get a BFP. Fingers crossed we’ll not have any chromosome issues and that we’ll be able to go to term!


I am in the same position. I had a daughter from my second IVF in 2009. Now, I really want her to have a sibling. We have tried multiple IVFs since then, some went to retrieval and some cancelled. I am doing one more OE cycle. At this point, I don’t have much hope of it working, but I feel like I have to try. After this, I am moving on to DE probably or adoption. I am going to have another child and give my daughter a sibling no matter what I have to do or how broke I have to become:) Thinking like this has helped me deal with the fact that it is okay if I don’t succeed with my OE.


I can definitely empathize with where you are at and I wish you much luck on your final cycle.

We did our final cycle last fall with a successful outcome. At that point it was just a relief knowing we had made a decision to move on with our life and leave all the cycling behind us. I wanted DD to have a sibling so badly and it was such a long journey the second time compared to the first. I had two bad cycles - one where I ovulated early and another where I did not respond AT ALL. My RE was not very optimistic about trying the third time and gently suggested increased odds with DE. I was adamant about trying to make it to retrieval just one time otherwise I would have felt like we never got a real shot at the IVF. Thank God my sweet doc agreed. He was so genuinely happy for us and surprised at the same time. Me? I just knew we needed our last shot at it. :wink:

I am sending you good thoughts and best wishes for your final cycle!:grouphug: