Finally Ready For Ivf Looking For A Re


hello all I am looking into fertility treatments for the first time I have known that I was infertile since 18, 36 now. when I was 14 yrs old I had an abortion an later STD, inwhich I didn’t know until later. I have had all kinds of surgery to open my tubes to later find that they were blocked again…Well I am ready 2012 is my year. I am ready for fertility treatments no insurance and I am saving money I am ready to get started by any means necessary…I am in the Michigan area and looking for a RE. can anyone help us?:pray:

me blocked tubes
DH 1 d 18yrs old


I talked to my family doctor and Gynecologist for referrals. We’ve met with one RE, and will likely meet with one or two more before deciding who we want to use.

Sending :bsv: and :babydust: your way!


hey thanks for the advice an taking time to read…just getting around to reading your messg. I work 12hrs. I am going to meet with a GYN in Jan 2012, and get more feed back also but I wish you and your hubbie the best of luck


There is also a way to researçh RE online in your area.


You’re very welcome! Wishing you success in your journey!


I would look at the sart data and decide after discussions with your gynecologist. A number of people on the board recommend different people based on their experiences. Since you are in michigan you should decide if you want to stay close to home or are you willing to travel out of your region or state. What your insurance coverage is like or how much you can afford. Good luck!


this is my very first post so if i don’t use the right lingo forgive me. i had to answer—when we did our 1st round of IVF i found a great doctor and was so fortunate. my initial idea was to go with the doc with the highest rate of success. makes sense, right? but be sure to ask what their transfer policy is. some of the ERs with higher success rates have that b/c they will only transfer certain grade eggs. (AA, AB) my ER transferred 2 “CE” grade eggs into me since that was all that survived. some doctors would not have transferred—and i could not imagine going thru all of that not to have them at least TRY! and it worked. i got pregnant and my daughter is happy and healthy and almost 10 months old. good luck!!