Financing for IVF


I am hoping to do IVF this summer (lost both tubes in 2008 to ectopic pregnancies). Husband and I would need to finance a cycle. Which lender is recommended? Our credit is very good.

Thanks in advance!


I used United Medical for our loan this year. Before, we paid everything up front. The interest rate is high but you can lower it by how many months to pay it off. Meaning 8% for 24 months or 9% for 36, etc.

Another option to look at is a home equity loan. We bought a forclosure (and we own 2 homes) so this was not an option for us.

Oh- and we only asked for 10k but were approved for 20k. Make sure you find out your exact bill so you don’t end up owing more on the loan paperwork.

Good luck!



I found my best rate to be from a local bank. I took out a line of credit.


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I agree with the other ladies that using a bank is the best idea…not a “fertility loan”. We used one of those fertility loans (wish I could remember the name - RE recommended them…sorry it was quite a few years ago) but they were a terrible company to deal with. We used a co-signer (mother in law) because at the time we just did not have much credit built up. The company was so bad that after many issues my mother in law decided to pay the loan off for us because she was so afraid they were going to screw up her credit (even though we had made all of the payments on time).

You could also go with lending club or a similar company. We recently used them to consolidate some debt and I thought they were very good to deal with and we were automatically approved for atleast 10,000 (anything more required “additional approval”).

Good luck to you…it is all worth it in the end!


If I go to our local bank, what do we ask for? To open what type of credit card?


See if they have any personal loans available to you (not a credit card). They are pretty easy to get up to a certain limit. But if your credit is great you should have no problems at all! This usually looks better on your credit than a credit card and will be paid off in a set period of time instead of having small minimum payments that could take years to pay off like a CC.