First Beta 735 at 12dp5dt! Twins?


I had my first beta today and it is 735!! I’m 12 days post day-5 transfer of 2 grade AA blasts. What are everyone’s thoughts?


That makes you really 17 days post ovulation correct? I’ve seen twins come from numbers like that or higher and singletons. But i’ve also seen multiples come from numbers less than that. Right now the number is STRONG!!!


If it’s one thing I’ve learned around here, it’s that betas don’t mean a whole lot. Every pregnancy is different.

I transfered one day 5 AB blast and my beta at 11dp5dt was 946. We obviously knew there was only one baby in there, but I was told that number is consistent with triplets. I read an article showing that high betas early in pregnancy have an excellent outcome and a very low rate of miscarriage, so that really put my mind at ease. We are now 16.5 weeks along with a healthy singleton. With my son , I had a strong beta but nothing this high…so it does vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were twins in there, but a singleton isn’t out of the question, either. Enjoy the adventure!


Nice beta! As others have said betas don’t really mean that much when it comes to number of babies. When is your next one? I think the doubling time can be much more indicative of multiples then any one beta. My doubling time was CRAZY fast with my twins.


What Francesca said. The “beta baseline” has a very broad margin of error between women and the first few betas don’t always mean too much. If they end up skyrocketting after the first few tests, then it probably means twins. You’ll know soon whether or not it is twins, but please don’t put the carriage before the horse in the meantime. All of the distance you’ve climbed, psychologically, will be the distance that you will fall if you artificially inflate your hopes. I recommend that you be grateful for one and if you end up with a second, let it be a pleasant surprise.