First Beta Numbers?!?


[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Today was my first Beta @ 10dp5dt or “15 dpo”, Dr said it was 106 and that it was a great # and i was definitely preg. I was told that the clinic likes to see it at 100. (we only transfered one embryo) But it seems like everyones numbers i read on here are much much higher… should i be concerned? All my home tests are positive, i feel totally confused. I definitely dont feel pregnant, only cramping and tender boobs. Any thoughts or similar numbers?[/SIZE][/FONT]



106 is a very decent number. Yes there are lots of patients with higher hCG levels. There are also many with lower numbers, and some of those result in live birth. But the higher the better.

Since you are posting on the FET board, I assume you had FET? Some believe FETs have lower hCG levels. That makes sense, although I don’t recall it being formally studied. Also, those patients with much higher hCG levels than yours often had multiples (twins, triplets). You shouldn’t really want that.

Don’t worry about absence of “symptoms”. Some have them, some don’t, they come and go, and they are mostly just progesterone side effects anyway.

Report everything to your clinic.

Hope this helps.


yes it was a fet. thanks for your response.



Thats a beautiful number. Congrats you are preggo.


That’s a great number. With DS, my beta at 10dp5dt was only 18. As long as it doubles w/in 48-72 hours you’re good. Congrats!!!


well it definitely did not doubble. Went in again today and it went from 106, to 102. Dr wants me to do another blood test tomorrow to be sure the lab didnt mess up but ive already excepted its done… i can not believe this, finally get pregnant and its done, just like that.