First BETA results...and questions. Thanks!


Hi all! I am 12dp5dt and just got my BETA results from my nurse. I have a beta count of 1471. I feel like I just won the beta lottery!! Anyway, this is a really big first number. I wanted to know if anyone else had a beta this high to continue to double and does this mean possible multipules? By they way, I transferred 2 good blasts. Thanks in advance for the replys!


thats high!!! way higher then mine i say twins but who really know until u/s day congrats:preg:


That is a high beta! You are definitely pregnant! However, part of the reason it’s so high compared to other ladies- is your test was so late! Some ladies have their test as early as 9dp3dt, so you can imagine that would be a lower #.

Supposing your beta doubled ever 48 hours, then 2 days ago (15 days past ER), it would have been a 700, and so it probably owuld have been in the 400s on Day 14, when most ladies get tested. So yes, still quite high.

Some ladies still have singletons with high betas like this, but twins is definitely a possibility. (always a high possibility with 2 blasts).

But the even better news, with such a high beta, that seems to be doubling nicely just based on the # it is already, it means your pregnancy has a fantastic shot at being a healthy one.

Good luck.


Congratulations and good luck for your second beta


Everyone is different and there is no way to know for sure until u/s. BUT that is high even for being so late. My 3rd beta at 13dp5dt was 968 and I am having twins. Definitely a possibility especially with 2 blasts.

Good luck!


I say twins! My beta was even later than yours at 14dp5dt and was 345. Of course, it could mean a singleton, but my bet is twins!


Our clinic does do them kind of late compared to most others, but I’m still going to say twins! Congrats, I’m so happy for you. I have my transfer tomorrow morning, let’s hope they keep up the good work!

Also if you don’t mind me asking, how long did you do bedrest after your transfer?


All-thanks for the replies! I hope it’s twins too.

Athana- I did 24hours bed rest then 3 days couch rest. I hope you get a big fat BFP too!


For those of you following along…my second BETA came back and it is very good. BETA 4458! YEA!!! My nurse is not going to send me on a third BETA. For those that are struggling with the stimmulating part of IVF, just read my signature line…it can happen even if your hormones are sky high.


Hi Linda- Do you have any idea when your first US will be? We transferred at about the same time and my betas are on track to be as high as yours. My first US is on 11/30, so I get to wait!


angelique-So happy that you got a BFP too!! My ultrasound is scheduled for the same date as yours 11/30. I hope and pray that we each hear strong heartbeats! Please keep me posted.


A friend of mine had betas in line with yours. She had her first u/s today and it is just a singleton. The RE said that beta was high because the sac was big. I’ve never heard of that, but apparently he said it is not a problem at all. So my guess for you is also twins, but it could go either way.


FormerJerseyGirl-My nurse told me the same thing. At this point I don’t care if there is 1 or 2, I just want to see and hear a heartbeat. Thanks.


Linda 80 and Former Jersey Girl,
You both had such great beta numbers! I have been obsessing about beta numbers after my first number came in at 625 14dpo…Since 5 eggs were transferred, I was freaking out thinking that I was carrying quintuplets or possibly more if some of the eggs split. Today I was scheduled for my 3rd beta test and I begged my doctor to give me an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed 2 sacs, twins!!! I’ve read that girl fetuses have higher hcg and also fraternal twins since they each have their own placenta. I’ve also read that high numbers, that double every 48 hours indicate a strong pregnancy. Congratulations to both of you…may you both have a healthy, happy pregnancy!!


Brijon: Conrats to you on your twins. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months


Brijon-Thanks. I happy for you…yeah twins!!! Thanks for the advice.


Hi Linda-
I jsut wanted to let you know I had my 3rd beta yesterday and it was over 22K at 16dp5dt. There’s nothing on betabase that high, so I’m stuck waiting a couple more weeks to find out!
I’m so nervous and excited and nauseated!!


Angelique-YEAH!!! I am so happy for you. My first ultrasound is on 11/30 too. I don’t know why my RE makes me wait so long, but please post when you find out how many.:clap: