First BFP Ever!


After almost 9 years of waiting for BFP. It finally happened on a natural cycle. I was completely shocked especially since my cycles are irregular and this cycle no medication was used. I was so nervous that after I received the first BFP. I took the test again, just to be sure.

I went to fertility doctor on last Tuesday and it was confirmed that I was 5 weeks 4 days. I was able to see the gestational and yolk sac. Progesterone (16) and Beta levels (over 3300), which wwere good. Uterine lining also looked good. I go back next week for another ultrasound, and I am hoping to see a heartbeat. :pray:

I am happy, excited, and nervous all at the same time.! My expected due date is 12/26/13. :babydust::babydust:


:babydust: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Eight years is a long friggin’ time, girl. So happy for you!!!

(… and a holidays baby to boot! :woohoo:)


Congratulations!!! Wishing you happy and healthy 9 months!