First failed ivf attempt


Hello!! I am 26 years old and I have an eight year old daughter from a previous marriage. My husband has a very low sperm count. We just recently had our first IVF cycle and got a negative beta this afternoon. I’m heartbroken. Just wondering if there’s others out there who have had a failed cycle with low sperm count. We transferred our best day 5 embryos and I just cannot understand why it didn’t work if I’m fine


I had a filed ivf with lows perm and I have DOR. It’s heartbreaking, I know there isn’t much I can say but if you can I would try again in a few months. You are still really young, this process is so emotional and I recommend resting before you cycle agin. It is not uncommon for ivf to fail the 1st time, hopefully your RE can answer your questions. Do you have a follow up appt yet? Hang in there, I know how hard it is…


Just wondering what type of testing you’ve had done? We were told we need to do ICSI for best chances. You should consider that and assisted hatching maybe also for 2nd round, if you’re doing one. I heard it slightly increases the odds. Usually ICSI by passes sperm issues. Good luck!! BFNs are so evil.


Hi ladies!! Thanks for responding. My husband had a varicolectomy done about two years ago that slightly increased his count. We did have icsi done as well. My follow up appt is next week but we only have three embryos left which worries me. Best of luck to both of you!!


No I haven’t done genetic testing yet. We’re going to see the doctor Tuesday and see what he says. We have three frozen embies left so we will see 😔