First HCG trigger and sick as a dog!


What kind of side effects have you all encountered? I finally got to trigger after many cancelled cycles. I triggered on saturday and I am STILL nauseous, sore BB’s and have tons of pelvic discomfort.

Is this normal? Mostly the nausea has got me down. I constantly feel like I may throw up! When does this go away ( obviously if I get my BFN cause I won’t complain when I get my BFP! Bring on the pregnancy symptoms!)


You should feel better after the trigger is out of your system. It takes 10 to 14 days to leave the body. If you continue with the symptoms after that then that is a really good sign! Good Luck to you! :babydust:


Sick after the shot

[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]I only experienced nausea the first time or two but now I don’t suffer from that so I don’t know if maybe my body has just gotten used to it or what. I do recall I only experienced the nausea for 3-4 days but mine came a little later after the shot not the first couple of days after the shot. I think it’s different for each person. I almost always get sore BB’s after the shot and again only got pelvic bloating/discomfort the first couple of times which usually lasted until AF arrived. When they inject the preg hormone in to you it is normal to get a wide variety of side effects. Best of luck! Who knows maybe this will be your month. Being on the pregnancy symptoms! :bsv: [/SIZE][/FONT]


Thank you!! It is nice to know someone out there understands. I took a pregnacy test to see if the HCG still registered and nothing. For some reason, I thought if it came up positive I had a reason to feel so crumby ( not pregnancy, just hormones)


How many days past trigger are you? What cycle day are you on as well?


I never had any side effects, but hopefully this means a BFP for you!!


I am on CD 19, I triggered on saturday 11/6/2010


I trigged last Thursday morning at 4 am(had IUI Friday at 230 PM) and I still have cramps, bloating and sore boobs. There are days where I look 4 months pregnant bc of the bloating. I have never experienced pain or bloating like this before. I had Prog/Estrogen BW on Wednesday and my numbers look good. Have more BW on Monday, Nov 15th


We are cycle buddies! I am symptom free now. Just some sharp pain in my ovaries, which is not unusual for me.