First homestudy class last week


Hi everyone, I haven’t been very social on this forum lately. Life is busy. Just wanted to say that we finally went to our first homestudy class last week. It was a good class with lots of crying. We are so happy the process is finally started. We have 2 classes in jan, 2 in feb and 1 in march then the wait is on. I am really happy we decided to go with Catholic charities. The ladies that are teaching our class is very nice and knows what they are doing.

So where is anyone else in the process?


Thanks for the update! It sounds like you are thrilled w/your agency and rightly so!

Are you doing domestic infant adoption?

AFM- we just got finger printed last night and Im filling out our application to become Foster Parents. We should have our first home visit in Feb!


christin, yes we are doing domestic infant adoption. Our agency said they placed 7 babies this year so far. I can’t wait! I know it’s never for sure but I’m keeping hopefull. My DH co-worker gave us her baby bed she is not using anymore. It is kind of bitter sweet to see the baby bed but no baby yet. I hope it brings good luck soon. DH is kind of flipping out now. Just knowing we can have a baby this time next year or sooner (hopefully). I guess just the responsibility of a newborn especially not ours biologically. He is a nervous wreck. I’m not! I can’t wait! I guess our finger printing will come soon enough and all of the other paper work, scrapbooks, profile ect…

Wish there could be just 1 paper to fill out and 1 home visit. Speed up the process LOL!

Good luck with your foster/adopt. I know a few people that did it and were happy with the process.:grouphug:


Hi Angel,

So glad to hear your first homestudy class went well and you are happy with your agency. You are on your way to becoming a Mommy!!

My husband and I just had our first meeting today with our social worker for our homestudy. I was nervous, but it went really well and I know there is nothing to be nervous about. I can’t wait to have our profile out there being shown to expectant mothers!!

Hopefully this our last year celebrating Christmas without a baby!!



me too! I don’t know if I can handle another christmas without a baby either. It is always a hard time for me. My uncle (by marriage), his neice did IVF like us and she got PG with twins and of course we didn’t. So it’s hard for me to be at the family get together with her and her twins. It’s almost like ha ha it worked for me and not you. Even though I know its not true. Hopefully we will all be mommies soon!


cross: How exciting! I really, really hope this pans out for you! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and will anxiously check back in to hear the news when you get it!