First IUI...advise/opinions please!


Hey…so today I wen for cd 13 u/s. I took clomid 50mg cd 3-7. I was told that I have 3 follicles that aren’t mature yet. They measured 13mm, 13mm, and 14mm. I asked about lining and she said it was good at 9.8. I go back Wednesday for another u/s and possible trigger shot if they are mature. Is this alot of follicles? will they all mature? Any info/advise welcome. Thanks


I think this is a great response to Clomid…at most I got two mature follies when using Clomid 100mg. Since they are all about the same size, my guess is they will all mature, however, it’s entirely possible that one or two of them will fall behind. Anything can happen, but I think this is a good response! Good luck!!


For clomid 3 is good. My Doc always went for three as his perfect number because it isn’t too many for timed intercourse or IUI, but gave just enough of a better chance. Also, since they are so close in size now I would expect them all to continue maturing at a similar rate so I believe they will all mature. Don’t let this scare you though as it is really rare for all three to implant even if they all fertilize which is one reason my Doc liked that number because it gave the best possible outcome of pregnancy without a high risk of multiples (well clearly it’s higher than the normal population, but still not high).

Good Luck!! :babydust: :babydust:


This is about how I usually respond as well. I would guess either all 3 will mature, or possible just 2, and leave 1 behind. My RE is borderline about 3, she likes to only have 2. But she will let me trigger and IUI with 3 as long as I sign something saying I understand I might have triplets, blah blah blah.
I think you had good response and your lining looks great too! Good luck!


It sounds to me like a good response. The response to Clomid can be all over the place, from little to… well, in my case I took Clomid LAST cycle (which was only a 19 day cycle), and wasn’t monitored, and never got a positive OPK, but may have been testing for it too late - my cycles seem to have shortened lately from 30-32 days to… 20ish?

This cycle, no clomid… 3 follicles over 22 on the day I triggered. I find myself wondering what LAST cycle looked like, if I’m getting 3 THIS cycle…

So three follies seems awesome, and those sizes seem good to keep growing a bit…

Good luck!


I am cycling just like you. had my CD 11 u/s and had 3 follies 9-11 w/lining of 6.6. My Dr said they should grow 2mm a day. I go back Thursday. I was not monitored during my other 2 clomid iui’s so I’m not sure what’s normal for me. I did have success with one and I circulated later with both than I normally do so. During my follistm cycle, I had 5 on CD 11 that measured 10-12 but only 2 were mature on trigger day.


I just realized that you have a blocked right tube. I do not have a right tube. What has your Dr said about that? My 'RE did not monitor me bc he said my left tube would catch my right follicles. I did get pregnant but I won’t ever know where the follicle came from. My gyn is doing this iui bc my 'RE is out of town. He’s going to do it but does not like the idea of going through with the iui if my right ovary is the only side that has a mature follicle.


I was told the same thing…that my eggs from right would migrate to left and not to worry about it. However, it would be disheartening to only O from right side. Seems like it would greatly decrease chances. I forgot to ask if I had follicles on both sides or just one. Guess I’ll know more tomorrow after u/s